Bumps + Labiaplasty

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Soreness and Scars 3 1/2 Months Post-op Labiaplasty? (photo)

I have, what looks like, "bubbles" along some of the incision lines. They are painful and become sore when touched. I've started... READ MORE

Bumps After Labiaplasty and Clitoral Hood Reduction? (photo)

I had my surgery 3 weeks ago. I had, vagina rejuvenation, labia minora and clitoral hood reduction. Is this swelling or not? All of the rest of my... READ MORE

Is my labia majora normal or should I be concerned? (photo)

I've seen many pictures of "normal" vaginas, and mine does not seem to fit into any category. From as early as I remember, about 8 when I first... READ MORE

2 Sensitive and swollen bumps under my clitoris after labia minora reduction. (photos)

I had labia reduction 13 days ago . I am concerned over these very sensitive swollen bumps under my clitoris ( which now is completely hidden and... READ MORE

I'm concerned I have an STD. do these bumps look like an STD? (photo)

Do these bumps look like an STD? they feel like flesh colored skin tags, and if I scratch or pick at them they bleed. I had unprotected sex with my... READ MORE

There are small hard bumps where I believe the stitches were and now I think there is an infection, what is happening? (photos)

Please help. I have undergone labia plasty and am so far disgusted by my results. I wanted a reduction and awoke to find that my lips had been removed... READ MORE

10 weeks post op Labiaplasty, still asymmetry and bumps- how can I cure these? (photos)

I had labiaplasty over 10 weeks ago and I still have assymetry and bumps , it seems the area hasn't healed properly. In general wounds heal slowly on... READ MORE

8 weeks post op Labiaplasty, is here a chance that the bumps will disappear or this is my final result? (photos)

I am 8 weeks after labiaplasty, and I have a big headache every time I look at the result. My labia is still very sensitive by touching. Is here a... READ MORE

3.5 months post op Labiaplasty. Are these bumps attached to the clitoris normal? (photos)

I have two large bumps that are attached to the clitorus and are under the clitoral hood. Will these bumps go away? They haven't changed at all in the... READ MORE

5 weeks post labiaplasty and still have bumps, asymmetry and a very non-healed look. Is this normal? (Photo)

Hi, I had labiaplasty 5 weeks ago where the fat inner labia were trimmed. It's been 5 weeks now and the area doesn't seem to be healing well . I have... READ MORE

Do I look okay to start working out again? Almost 6 weeks post op. (photos)

Will working out prevent me from healing or make the bumps worse? It is sometimes uncomfortable, but only where the bumps are. It could take months... READ MORE

Are the Bumps at the Top of my Labia Minora Normal Post Op 3 Weeks?

I had my surgery 3 weeks ago. I had, vagina rejuvenation, labia minora and clitoral hood reduction. Is this swelling or not? All of the rest of my... READ MORE

I have dissovable stitches under the skin after labiaplasty, and bumps around them. Is it normal for them to hurt so bad?

Its been 11 days after the surgery my doctor removed some of the stitches and left some of them there. She claimed they are dissolvable. The parts... READ MORE

Is this normal 5 1/2 weeks after labiaplasty? (Photo)

Does this look normal ? I have asked this question several times on here but I feel that this is something that isn't going on away on it's own. The... READ MORE

Never had sexual intercourse, but I think I may have an STD?

I've never ever had sexual intercourse in my life. But, the inside of my vagina lips both look very red and have red bumps -ish on them. It has NEVER... READ MORE

5 months post op of Revision Labiaplasty, my labia is still enlarged, swollen, has a few small bumps. Is this normal?

I had a revision labiaplasty done 3 months after the first surgery. Now, 5 months later, my labia is still enlarged, swollen, has a few small bumps.... READ MORE

Do these bumps look like they'll go away? They are sensitive & painful. I don't think my doctor is being honest with me (Photo)

It's been one month since my labiaplasty and prepuce reduction. I seem to be healing fine except for those very irritated bumps. I understand I'm... READ MORE

Little white bumps after Labiaplasty?

I had trim labiaplasty at the end of June, so about 5 months ago, and I'm very upset with the results in that I told the dr not to remove it all and... READ MORE

Does this look normal? And It burns when I pee. (Photo)

And It burns when I pee. I had a uti. And the dr gave me two different meds. When I though the first wasn't helping. I've had this burning since Nov.... READ MORE

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