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What's this large bump on the inside of my vagina? (photo)

There's no pain, it just looks abnormal and in not sure what it is. In the photo, the left shows me stretching my vagina open, and the right shows how... READ MORE

Sex After Labiaplasty?

I am now 7 weeks after my labiaplasty and everything is healing well, I just had sex for the first time after the operation and i had some pain and... READ MORE

There is skin dangling inside of my vagina, and I'm very worried. It hurts when I have intercourse. Can anyone help? (photo)

There's skin and bumps in the biggining of my vagina.. Can anyone help? Its painful at touch. READ MORE

6 Weeks Post-op Labiaplasty, Sudden Very Painful Bump?

Hello. I had a right labiaplasty 6 weeks ago that was completely botched. My surgeon amputated the whole thing. Healing has been rather uneventful so... READ MORE

So I have an enlarged labia, and I noticed a small soft bump on my labia. Is this common?

So I have an enlarged labia, and I noticed a small soft bump on my labia, it is similar to a pinching pain when wiping or touching. Its not round like... READ MORE

Botched labiaplasty 3 months post-op: Think these are final results. What would you recommend to fix? (photos)

1. Major concern: Clitoris area - off-center and too close or attached to outer labia with tention/pulling to left of, and below clitoris. Very... READ MORE

I had a labiaplasty 5 months ago. I feel it could look better? I would like another opinion please. (Photo)

The one side has a bump on left and my doctor has said he will address that in a month however i feel more skin maybe should have been removed around... READ MORE

Do you think a revision would be accepted for the bump below my clitoris and to create a more symmetrical result? (Photo)

Is a future revision necessary to smooth out bump and create more asymmetry? I had a trim labiaplasty 13 weeks ago and The right labium just doesn't... READ MORE

Botched labiaplasty; who's the best at Labiaplasty revision in Florida? (Photos)

I had a Labiaplasty and clitoral hood reduction 6 weeks ago. I hate the results. My minora was huge before, but it's still large near the clitoral... READ MORE

Should I be concerned about a small white hard bump on vulva?

I noticed a small whiteish hard bump on the outside of my vagina near the opening and also noticed my vaginal wall seemed bumpy, went to the doctor on... READ MORE

Will my labiaplasty turn out okay? (Photo)

I had labiaplasty done by my trusted gynocologist 9 and a half weeks ago and so far I am terrified by the results. It is not at all symmetrical and... READ MORE

3 weeks post labiaplasty. After 2 yoga classes, I have a big bump, swelling and discomfort. Should I be scared?

I had labiaplasty three weeks ago and went great then i did yoga twice on my three week mark then underneath my clitoris the next day was a big bump... READ MORE

I am 5 wks post op Labia reduction & still in pain & have bumps. Any suggestions? (photos)

I am 5 weeks post op labia reduction my left labia has seemed to heal fine but my right labia has been a constant problem since day 1 and I can see... READ MORE

I recently had labiaplasty via wedge method. Post op 5 weeks. Looks awful! Please help. Opinion? (photos)

I had labiaplasty 5 weeks ago via wedge method. The entire experience has been awful. I am still in pain and find walking sometimes hard to do. I know... READ MORE

Hello, I have been contemplating labiaplasty. I have dealt with it for 18 years and it's causing pain and discomfort.

Lately, I realized I was having a pinching pain when wiping. There is a small soft bump ( not round like a pimple or hard) near my clitoris. When I... READ MORE

There is a oozy, tender, bloody bump on my left labia minora after labiaplasty. Is this normal? Is it infected?

I have a small bump on my left labia minora after having a labiaplasty a few days ago. The bump is towards the back of my vagina, so it is nowhere... READ MORE

Slightly shiny bump around my clitoris, what could this be? (Photo)

Hi, I have slightly shiny bump around my clitoris since some times now and since they don't go away I'm worried. They don't hurt at all but can become... READ MORE

Labia reduction 3.5 months post-op: left side still seems to be swollen. (photos)

Right side has gone how I wanted it to but left side still looks rat when going towards the bottom! What is wrong with it, also there is a little... READ MORE

Labiaplasty done one week ago. Clitoral hood reduction and wedge labiaplasty. (photos)

Labiaplasty done one week ago. Some slight stinging and redness around incisions on both sides. Along with a tender bump where the sutures are. Could... READ MORE

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