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Would I benefit from a revision in January ( 3 months)? I had labiaplasty and clitoral hood reduction. (photos)

Hi everyone , i am 4 weeks out of my labiaplasty and i feel really sad . I know that my plastiv surgeon told me that she dors not remove to much... READ MORE

Is my labia normal looking? Would I benefit from a labiaplasty? (photos)

I am almost dead set on getting a labiaplasty! I have had an consult and even put down an deposit but I'm having second thoughts. Firstly does mine... READ MORE

Would I benefit from a Labiaplasty? (photos)

Is my labia fairly large? And would I benefit from from a labiaplasty READ MORE

Labiaplasty and hoodectomy for one side? (Photos)

Please see the attached photos. What method would you recommend for someone who only wants one side "done", and the other left alone? I also was... READ MORE

Labiaplasty? What method would I most benefit from for a natural look? (Photo)

I'm a 24Y/O mother of 1 and for as long as I remember my labia has bothered me from itching dryness, clothing, never in a sexual way but the amount of... READ MORE

Does my labia look normal and would I benefit from labiaplasty? (photos)

Hi so my labia has bothered me for a long time! I am booked in for labiaplasty and fat transfer to labia mojora in feb and already booked my deposit... READ MORE

Labiaplasty and Clitoral hood reduction/unhooding benefit from reduction? Is there a risk of loss in sensation? Advice?(photos)

I've already decided a labiaplasty is what I want, but I do have some concerns about how enlarged my clitoris appears rot be. Could I benefit/be... READ MORE

Labia Minora.

I recently went to a plastic surgeon about my labia minora, and she recommended instead of labiaplasty a tightening laser or remedy but I am yet to... READ MORE

What is a Free Edge Labiaplasty?

Please explain what it means to have a free edge labiaplasty, is this a specific method like the trim or wedge? What's the benefit of this technique? READ MORE

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