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1 week post op Labiaplasty, I have an infection. Is it healing right? (photos)

I am 24 years old. i recently had a labiaplasty, wedge method. I had the surgery a week ago today. After the operation i was told everything went very... READ MORE

7 days post op Labiaplasty of trimming method, I have a yellow discharge. Is this normal? What could be the cause? (photo)

I saw my surgeon today & told him about a yellow discharge. He said it may be a yeast infection & gave me Levoxin500mg tablets. I started oral... READ MORE

Labiaplasty. Do I look like I'm healing normal? (photos)

I had a labiaplasty 2.5 weeks ago and everything was going well until 3 days ago I had a slight infection and am on antibiotics. Today I noticed down... READ MORE

How should I wash after labiaplasty?

I am 8 days post op labiaplasty. My surgeon recommended to was 2 times a day with only water, and use an anti-biotic ointment before bed. Is the... READ MORE

I have brown discharge 5 days after labiaplasty. Is this normal? (photos)

Had wedge labiaplasty on Friday. Took anti-yeast pills before during and after, been on anti-biotics. There is still significant swelling and I had... READ MORE

Is this a yeast infection after Labiaplasty? (photos)

Hi! I got laser Labiaplasty 1 week ago and haven't had any pain since day 3. I've finished my antibiotics yesterday (day 6), and noticed on day 4 a... READ MORE

I had labia reduction 5 days ago (21st May) and I'm really worried it doesn't look normal. Any suggestions? (photos)

It looks like I don't have an inner labia at all now. I understand my clitoral area is really swollen, that wasn't touched - but was too much labia... READ MORE

2 open incisions on each side day 6 post labiaplasty (wedge). How long until the bleeding stops & the wounds seal shut? (Photo)

Im concerned what appears to be Wound dehiscence on 2 sides of my labia. I have open wounds with no stitching and it bleeds all day/night and also... READ MORE

15 days post. After following the advice from doctors on here, and seeing results, the unexpected happened. Period time! (Photo)

Can my period affect the healing process?Opening is almost closed, would this potentially infect that tender area? Burning sensation is minimal now,... READ MORE

Is this labiaplasty recovery okay for 3 days? Extensive swelling and bruising (Photos)

I had a wedge style labiaplasty on Tuesday (3 days ago) - no clit hood or labia major procedures. My body is prone to inflammation but this seems... READ MORE

Botched labia reduction? (What can I do) (Photos)

I posted on here back in Nov. when I got my labia reduction. I've seen my doctor only once. 2weeks after surgery she seemed nervous looking at the... READ MORE

Should I be using just water to wash after my labiaplasty?

My doc told me to use water only to wash after my procedure and some antibiotic ointment 2 times a day. Should I be using soap to also wash the wound?... READ MORE

25 after labiaplasty, my opening has been improving, why is the tissue not sticking together? Am I doing something wrong?(photo)

I'm close to 30days post op. And the opening has definitely improved, however still there!!. Is this normal? Why is it taking so long to stick... READ MORE

Does my Labiaplasty need to be kept moist with an antibiotic ointment/vaseline or dry and just cleaned well?

Had a Labiaplasty 3 days ago and so far so good but I am undecided on after care. I feel like washing it with a cleanser is enough and it will heal... READ MORE

Am I healing correctly? (Photo)

Thank you for answering my previous questions. Tomorrow will be 3 weeks since my labiaplasty procedure and I'm worried about the way my labial area... READ MORE

Had labiaplasty 10 days ago, now I have a rash around my vaginal area? What could this be? (Photo)

What are these reddish, irritated bumps around my vagina and labial area? I applied antibiotic cream to help the area. Please help. READ MORE

Do I have an infection after labia reduction?

Almost 3 weeks after labia reduction in am having a white and clear discharge. My doctor said he didn't see an infection but gave me antibiotics as a... READ MORE

1 week post op, I have a severe swelling. Is this normal ? (photos)

Please help me . It's been a week since my labiaplasty and I have severe swelling. I've now been placed on new antibiotics. I was put on steroids and... READ MORE

What else can be done from infection after fat transfer to labial manora?

Has anyone had labia majora fat transfer that is red hot and swollen after 7 days. Been on antibiotics for a week and pain isn't getting better. Feels... READ MORE

Extreme discomfort with thrush post labiaplasty

I had labiaplasty 6 days ago I was prescribed anti biotics to prevent infection and I had developed the worst case of thrush I have ever had, cottage... READ MORE

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