3 Months Post-op + Labiaplasty

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Labiaplasty. Inner Sewn to Outter. Looks Pleated Because Too Much Skin Was Sewn Together After Wedge Technique? (photo)

Update: It's been almost 3 months post surgery. One side of my labia look great, although I wish is were a little tighter. The other side still looks... READ MORE

Labiaplasty With Clitoral Hood Reduction 3 Months Ago And Still In A Lot Of Discomfort With Wearing Tighter Clothes, Suggestions

Still feel A LOT of DISCOMFORT (no pain) with wearing tighter clothes like jeans and yoga pants. It is very frustrating b/c I really enjoy working out... READ MORE

3 Months After Labiaplasty, I Still Have Pain After Sex?

3 months after my OP, and I still have pain after sex (not during sex), after rough sex there is always pain and the left side gets swelling. Dr told... READ MORE

Labiaplasty. Please help me figure out what went wrong with the procedure and how to fix it? (photo)

I had a laser labiaplasty performed on August 22 2013 of this year. I have been feeling pressure and the results are horrible. I have rough edges all... READ MORE

Botched labiaplasty 3 months post-op: Think these are final results. What would you recommend to fix? (photos)

1. Major concern: Clitoris area - off-center and too close or attached to outer labia with tention/pulling to left of, and below clitoris. Very... READ MORE

Why my scars are so visible? (Trimm method) (photos)

Its been almost 3 months since the labiaplasty has been performed and the scars are too much visible , Im so worried If I need a revision, because I... READ MORE

3.5 months post labiaplasty, still very bumpy. Is that normal or do I need a revision? (Photo)

Its over 3,5 months after my labiaplasty (laser/ trimming technique) and i'm really worried that this is the final result. as u see in the pic it... READ MORE

Is there a possibility for revision?

I had a labiaplasty procedure done in December 2013. It has been three months since my surgery and I have noticed that my labia has puckered due to... READ MORE

Sutures Causing Discomfort 3 Months Post Op, What Can I Do?

Hi, I had Labiaplasty mid nov/2011. My doctor told me to wait for 6 more weeks on my appointment for weeks. But 1 week B4 12 weeks was over, a piece... READ MORE

Icky scar after labiaplasty - what can be done about it? (Photo)

I had a labiaplasty performed 3 months ago and a bunch of stitches came out really early on, which left me with this gap in the incision line. I was... READ MORE

Do you think a revision would be accepted for the bump below my clitoris and to create a more symmetrical result? (Photo)

Is a future revision necessary to smooth out bump and create more asymmetry? I had a trim labiaplasty 13 weeks ago and The right labium just doesn't... READ MORE

How do I know if I have nerve damage in my Labiaplasty?

I read some cases of people who have nerve damage after labiaplasty surgery and feel pain or discomfort after a long time.and pain in sexual relations... READ MORE

Still raw and pain with sex after 3 months. I was expecting everything to be healed by now? (Photo)

I had labiaplasty 3 months ago, I didn't have the best of healing my body did not react well to the surgery and I had a lot of tissue removed. But I... READ MORE

Botched labiaplasty. Hole. And flaps on the inside of each labia coming down from clitoral area (Photo)

I had a wedge labiaplasty 3 months ago and am very unhappy. There is a large hole through and through in the right labia minora where the mucosa is. I... READ MORE

Swelling of labia minora hematoma still after three months post labia majora surgery - what can be done?

I had my labia majora reduced and in the process my inner labia swelled up into an extremely large hematoma. The doctor did not drain them but said it... READ MORE

I Had a Labiaplasty with Clitoral Hood Reduction Approx. 3 Months Ago and Am Still in a Lot of Discomfort...please Help?

Still feel A LOT of discomfort with wearing tighter clothes like jeans and yoga pants. It is very frustrating b/c I really enjoy working out and being... READ MORE

Do I need a revision? (photos)

I got labiaplasty edactly 3 months to the day and within the last week it began to swell. The swelling is primarily right under the clit on one side!... READ MORE

What options do I have to make my scars disappear? Had surgery 3 months ago. How much is the cost here in San Francisco? (photo)

I put the pictures I just had 3 months ago. a surgery and I don't like they are so visual and also they are a little red please tell me some options... READ MORE

Still swollen at three months? (photos)

Hi, I had a labiaplasty on March 11 using the wedge technique. I am currently three months post-op and I thought my labia would be smaller by now. Am... READ MORE

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