2 Months Post-op + Labiaplasty

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Sex After Labiaplasty?

I am now 7 weeks after my labiaplasty and everything is healing well, I just had sex for the first time after the operation and i had some pain and... READ MORE

Why Are my Incision Sites Still Hard and Sore After 8 Weeks?

I had labiaplasty revision 8 weeks ago. Skin was taken off the lower part of the clitoral hood, and near the perineal area where the labia minora join... READ MORE

Undissolved Stitch 8 Weeks After Labiaplasty

I had labiaplasty 8 wks ago. I have one dissolvable stitch left at the very anterior of my labia minora. My MD trimmed it but it hurts. She said I... READ MORE

Photo's 2 Months Post Labiaplasty - Abnormal/unnatural Looking? (photo)

I mentioned in a previous post about my concerns about the result of my labiaplasty. I am 2 months post-op and I have two large lump things coming... READ MORE

8 Weeks Post Op Labiaplasty. Pain During Intercourse?

It has been 8 weeks since my inner labia trimming. It looks beautiful just as I imagined. However right at the entry of my vagina it hurts during sex... READ MORE

Split stitches, 10 weeks post op, trim method. Do I need revision? Hurts when attempting sexual intercourse. (photos)

Week 2 a stitch or two came undone nearest the vagina, but it wasn't too noticeable. At week 5 I attempted sex and it was painful, and now where the... READ MORE

10 Weeks Post-labiaplasty and I'm Still Not Healed. What Do I Do?

I had a labiaplasty 10 weeks ago. 3 weeks after the procedure the incision on my left "lip" opened up. My doctor then re-stitched it (in... READ MORE

7 weeks post-op labiaplasty, is the swelling normal? How long does it take to go down to the size it will stay at? (Photo)

I had labiaplasty and a hoodectomy seven weeks ago and was just wondering if this looked normal. After a little "self love" session it swelled up to... READ MORE

Could I have contracted genital warts from a Labiaplasty operation? (photos)

I had a labiaplasty about 8 weeks ago & after about 3 weeks I developed a lump on of my clitoris - very sensitive & painful. The lump continued to... READ MORE

Labiaplasty Pain?

I had Labiaplasty 2 months ago. One side of lower labia was aggressively removed. I have had ongoing pain in this 1/2 inch area. Could this be... READ MORE

10 weeks post op Labiaplasty, still asymmetry and bumps- how can I cure these? (photos)

I had labiaplasty over 10 weeks ago and I still have assymetry and bumps , it seems the area hasn't healed properly. In general wounds heal slowly on... READ MORE

Have I been botched? (photos)

At first it didn't look so bad and now I think it looks horrific. I have no labia left and a top heavy appearance. You wouldn't think I paid 3500... READ MORE

Is this swelling normal for 7 weeks after labiaplasty?

I had labiaplasty and a hoodectomy seven weeks ago and was just wondering if this looked normal. After a little "self love" session it swelled up to... READ MORE

8 weeks post op Labiaplasty, is here a chance that the bumps will disappear or this is my final result? (photos)

I am 8 weeks after labiaplasty, and I have a big headache every time I look at the result. My labia is still very sensitive by touching. Is here a... READ MORE

Is this a botched procedure? (Photo)

I had labiaplasty, clitoral hood reduction, and vaginoplasty done 8 weeks ago by my ob/gyn. To me, it looks like he amputated most of my labia,... READ MORE

9 weeks after Labiaplasty, will I see anymore changes? I'm not overly happy with results. (photos)

I had labiaplasty 9 weeks ago. Will I see any further changes? What I mean is will they become any smaller?? I've been dismissed from my surgeon as he... READ MORE

Is this normal for a labiaplasty? (Photo)

I got surgery over two months ago. The left side hangs lower than the right, and it also has a sharp angle to it - like she didn't blend the cut edge... READ MORE

I'm seven weeks post labiaplasty. Does the appearance change much after 7 week mark? (Photo)

I had labiaplasty and I know it isn't the neatest job and there's bits I am still not happy with but I really don't want to go through the hassle of... READ MORE

10 weeks post Labiaplasty and still have an odor. Is this normal?

My labiaplasty (trim method) is still healing however since having it done, there's been an odour. For the first few weeks the odour was strong and... READ MORE

Will Scar or Puckering Eventually Flatten out from Labiaplasty?

I am approximately 2 months post-op and on one side I have quite a fold that develops into a strange pucker near my clitoral hood. I have noticed that... READ MORE

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