1 Month Post-op + Labiaplasty

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Tissue separated after Labiaplasty stitches removal and labia cut up in many pieces. What can I do? (photos)

Hi, day 21 post-op, I had all my stitches removed today, but the results are not what I expected at all. I don;t know if the stitches were too tight,... READ MORE

How Long Do I Have to Wait Before Labiaplasty Revision Surgery? (photo)

I had a labiaplasty done 4 weeks ago. I'm really displeased with the results to say the least (not enough of tissue was removed over all, the labia on... READ MORE

I Had Labia Reduction Done Just About 3 1/2 Weeks Ago and Still Have Some Stitches, Is this Normal?

When can I expect them to fully dissolve? Is there anything I can do or put on them to help the process? READ MORE

Labiaplasty Scar Permanent?

Hello, I am currently 5 weeks post op. I am satisfied with the overall shape, but there is a color difference between my labia and the area of the... READ MORE

Can swelling of the clitoral hood skin after labiaplasty result in permanent enlargement??! (photo)

It has been five weeks since I got my surgery and I am so afraid that the very swollen clitoral hood skin won't go back. my labia minora lips have... READ MORE

Labia Majora+minora Reduction Scars Normal?

I am 4 weeks post op and feel like I have been butchered.My surgeon said there would be absolutely no visible scarring with this procedure.I asked for... READ MORE

What Causes Lumps on a Labiaplasty Scar? How Long Do They Take to Go Away?

What causes the lumps? Dissolvable stitches? Stiched too tight? It's been almost 5 weeks and my scars are still lumpy. READ MORE

Labiaplasty wedge swelling and suture breakdown, how much swelling at 4 weeks? Will it go down much more? (photo)

I had a wedge method labiaplasty 4 weeks ago also removing excess skin from the sides of the clitoral hood. I had suture breakdown at the front of one... READ MORE

Labiaplasty Almost 1 Month Ago/wound Open? (photo)

Hello, so I had op 23 days ago. It was healing nice, doctor removed the thread after 20 days. Just after that, one day later I decided to try to have... READ MORE

My Labiaplasty Don´t Look Good? (photo)

Hi. I did my labiaplasty at the hospital, i really didn´t like my doctor so i don´t wanna go back and let him check. It was about 5 weeks ago and I a... READ MORE

Swollen Lumps on Labia Minora 3 Weeks Post Labiaplasty?

I had labiaplasty on May 9. At week 3 almost all of the swelling had subsided and was looking good. My surgeon removed all of the external stitches... READ MORE

If Too Much Labia Minora Was Removed During Labiaplasty is There a Way to Expand/stretch the Remaining Tissue into Proper Shape?

I had labiaplasty 4 weeks ago. Just one side of my labia minora was too large and needed to be trimmed to match the other side, but too much was... READ MORE

My cloritis was stitched to the skin on my left side, is that normal? Will it be torn during sex? (Photo)

Im one month after labiaplasty and on right side clues of stitches are pulling on some spots and on left side is stitched together and hood is not... READ MORE

1 month post op Labiaplasty, I have a split where stitches have come apart. Is this normal? (photos)

I had a labia last month, it's healing well, but there is a split in my left labia.Im very annoyed and upset and depressed. I tried to email my... READ MORE

5 Weeks After Labiaplasty and Hood Trim Still Same Swelling at 3 Weeks?

I know I have asked about the 3 week Post Op but I am now at 5 weeks and I find the swelling goes down and then some days is totally puffy?I have Jax... READ MORE

Is my labia look normal one month post labiaplasty (labia minora reduction)? (photo)

Im one month post op now. I feel my clitoris and the around area was too big. Also seem like the two side look not symmetrical. I still feel hard... READ MORE

I had a labiaplasty done almost 4 weeks ago, I have big lumps and am really sensitive? Will this go away? (photos)

 (wedge method). The swelling has gradually gone down, but I've developed several big lumps down there which are really painful and sensitive,... READ MORE

1 month post labiaplasty. I want a revision. Any advice? (Photo)

It has been exactly a month since my surgery. I had a labiaplasty trim performed under local anesthesia. I am happy with how the lower part turned out... READ MORE

Still bleeding. Sutures didn't dissolve and skin has healed over them. Painful. What should be done? (photo)

5 wks post op labiaplasty & laproscopic hysterectomy. Still having light ab pain & bleeding: spotting to dripping, light to dark color. Is this... READ MORE

Why do I have scalloped edges and a puckered hood 5 weeks after labia minora reduction? (photos)

At week 4, my doctors already removed all the stitches. But after that i noticed my labia edges are sort of scalloped and lumpy. Is this the final... READ MORE

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