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Does Juvederm Ever Leak from the Injection Site?

I had Juvederm injected in my lips yesterday and this morning one of the injection sites was painful. When I washed my face it bled a tiny bit so I... READ MORE

I Had my Lips Filled with Juvederm 3 Days Ago, I Ended Up with Massive Bruising- Should I Worry? (photo)

I had my lips filled with juvederm 3 days ago , i ended up with Massive bruising , which have cleared up a little. Im in so much pain i cant even... READ MORE

Extreme Swelling After Juvederm- Is This Normal? I'm Very Worried. (photo)

Extremely swelling after Juverderm injection, it has happened over night , I got the right side of my upper lip swollen up . is this normal ? can the... READ MORE

Juvederm 24 Injected in Lips and Still There After 3 Years

Dear doctors, i had my lips injected with juvederm 24 when i was 23, the doctor told me that it will go away within a year max but its been 3 years... READ MORE

I Massaged Lumps in Lower Lip from Juvederm Now my Lip is Huge. Why?

Roughly two weeks ago i had juvederm injected in both my upper and bottom lips. Since then I had problems with my upper lip.. one side was bigger than... READ MORE

Blue Boils on Lip 2 Weeks After Juvederm Lip Injection

I had juvederm injections in my lip 2 weeks ago, i didnt have any bruising because I took arnica, now i have blueish tiny bubbles on my lip. What are... READ MORE

Should I Expect Purple Lip After Hyaluronidaze Injection?

I had Juvederm for the 20th time today. No problems in the past. But today the lower lip turned white, then dark with poor refill after blanching, so... READ MORE

I Lost Some Juvederm After Ulthera: I Had 3 Viles 2 Weeks Ago - Can I Have More?

I had 3 viles of Juvederm injected and looked amazing, 10 years younger. I was so happpy. A week later I did the Ulthera and the doctor did not go... READ MORE

Is Juvederm Safe for Insulin Dependent Diabetes?

My mother and I are both scheduled for juvederm. I am worried about her having reactions to it. The Doctor said she should be fine but I'm still... READ MORE

What if my Juvaderm Box Didn't Have Plastic Wrap on It Before It Was Injected? Should That Worry Me?

When I went to the Dr. a few days ago to get my folds injected I was put in a different room than normal etc and the dr came in with the box( it... READ MORE

Lips swell every morning after juvederm ultra plus injection. Should I be worried?

Hello, I had juvederm ultra plus injected into my lips (0.5 ml) a little over two weeks ago. Every morning I notice my lips feel and look fuller and... READ MORE

I'm 2 days post juverderm in nasolabial folds. Left fold is fine, but right is badly bruised & lumpy. Should I worry? (Photo)

Left fold is fine but right is badly bruised, swollen and I can feel 3 small lumps which weren't there yesterday. Also I have a crease on the same... READ MORE

I had 1ml juvederm in my lip yesterday, and it's lumpy, bruised and swollen. Should I be worried? (Photo)

Hola I had juvaderm yesterday 1 ml in my lip and it is bumpy and bruised I am quite worried. Had most in my top lip to even it out after an accident... READ MORE

Should I be worried about this level of swelling the day after Juvederm injections? (Photo)

I'm concerned about the level of swelling I have the day after juvederm was injected into my lips. This was my first experience with any type of... READ MORE

5 Days post Juvederm in Lips-- No bruising, but lips still swollen and sore, moreso than two days ago. (Photo)

I had Juveerm injected 5 days ago, and didn't swell all that much. The swelling has seemed to fluctuate. Last night, I noticed they were sore, and I... READ MORE

Hard lumps in lips 6 months after Juvederm filler.

I had 1ml juvederm done 6 months ago. Lumps formed immediately, massaged but some remained. 6 months later, one lump has gone and three large ones... READ MORE

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