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Juvederm Results Still Visible After a Year - Will It Disappear?

I had lip augmentation 11 months ago with Juvederm in my upper lip. It is still visible - of course, a lot less, but definitely not like it was before... READ MORE

Juvederm has disappeared completely after three weeks? What should I do? (photo)

I had a full syringe of Juvederm injected three weeks ago. The practice promised the surgeon would do it himself, but a nurse injector performed it... READ MORE

Juvederm lip injections lasted a week?

My jaw alignment makes my upper lip appear small. i'm 17. i have been told i needed surgery on my jaw. but no one notices it excpet me and doctors....... READ MORE

I Had Juvederm Voluma Injected in my Cheeks Around 7 Weeks Ago. Unfortunately It Has Only Lasted a Week?

What do I do next? The volume only lasted for around a week. After four weeks my top lip began to swell. This lasted several days. The nurse who did... READ MORE

When Will Juvederm Definitely Leave Your Body?

I know it's impossible to say exactly when jurvedeerm will wear off but is guaranteed to leave eventually? And if so when will it definitely be gone?... READ MORE

Juvederm Still In Upper Lip After 1 Year, Will It Ever Go Away? What Are My Options?

1 yr ago, I had Juvederm placed-upper lip. After, 1 side was larger & the doctor put the entire remaining half syringe in the other side.... READ MORE

My juvederm ultra xc only last 2 wks. I drink lots water can this be reason it didn't last?

I just need a filler that stays more month . I drink lot water can this be it. i dont take any meds not spose to .One md put 2 large and one small... READ MORE

1ml of juvederm Ultra XC lasting not even two weeks? Ultra Plus XC next time? (Photo)

I got 1 ml of juvederm ultra xc 12 days ago & 80% of the product is gone. I do have some on the border of my top lip / lower lip. I went to a very... READ MORE

I'm getting Juvederm lip injections. Does it wear off through time?

Ok so I am getting Juvadurm lip injections fri march 13th? I am looking to enhance my look. Once I do this is their no turning back or does it wear... READ MORE

Do I Need to Get a Second Opinion? is It Too Early to Fix? Can Corners Be Fixed? Will Botox Really Wear off in 3 Weeks? (photo)

Asked for thin outline on lip to highlight and minimize lines on top lip. Consult was 1 Juviderm, but RN used 2 Juviderm and botox (I didn't ask for)... READ MORE

How does Juvederm wear off in your lips?

I'm getting Juvederm injections from a nurse at a spa. I have pretty thin lips, I just want to even out my crooked top lip and plump them a bit. When... READ MORE

When do fillers begin to wear off? Gradually over the course of estimated duration, or gradually AFTER the estimated duration?

I understand that particular fillers have different estimates of longevity, & that this can also be dependent on the area of the face injected, so... READ MORE

Does Juverderm Always Work?

Hi, I had Juverderm for my lip couple of days ago. Its been 3 days and my lips are back to the size they once were. I'm a bit disappointed .... is... READ MORE

Should I let Juvederm wear off naturally or get hyaluronidase to correct asymmetry caused by Juvederm?

I normally have Juvederm done out of state, but I saw a local doctor last month to add more to my nasolabial folds and cheeks. 4-5 weeks later I still... READ MORE

What will lips look like after Juvederm or Restylane wears off? (photo)

Hy I have 2 questions. So I want to get my lips done but im not sure what would be a good idea for me, if to get Restylane or Juvederm? Second is if i... READ MORE

Does lip fillers cause wrinkles after wearing off?

I am thinking about trying juvederm for my lips. I want a nice full pout. However, I am scared that I may not like it. Like skin (stomach after... READ MORE

Lumps becoming more evident after lip filler wearing off?

I've had lip fillers Dec 2015 (1cc+0.5cc three weeks later) with Juvederm and late February 2016 with 1 cc. Now it is wearing off unevenly and I'm... READ MORE

Juvederm has worn off on my lips after three weeks. Is it okay to ask for a refund? (Photo)

I originally went in for Juvederm lip filler and the result looked like I had nothing done once the swelling subsided. The only thing it gave me was a... READ MORE

I had "JuvedermUltra Smile 1ml" injected into my top lip, but after a week it was all gone. Why? (Photo)

I had "JuvedermUltra Smile 1ml" injected into my top lip, but after a week it was all gone. The after results were lovely, the day after I had a lot... READ MORE

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