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Juvederm Results Still Visible After a Year - Will It Disappear?

I had lip augmentation 11 months ago with Juvederm in my upper lip. It is still visible - of course, a lot less, but definitely not like it was before... READ MORE

Juvederm has disappeared completely after three weeks? What should I do? (photo)

I had a full syringe of Juvederm injected three weeks ago. The practice promised the surgeon would do it himself, but a nurse injector performed it... READ MORE

Juvederm lip injections lasted a week?

My jaw alignment makes my upper lip appear small. i'm 17. i have been told i needed surgery on my jaw. but no one notices it excpet me and doctors....... READ MORE

Juvederm Still In Upper Lip After 1 Year, Will It Ever Go Away? What Are My Options?

1 yr ago, I had Juvederm placed-upper lip. After, 1 side was larger & the doctor put the entire remaining half syringe in the other side.... READ MORE

I Had Juvederm Voluma Injected in my Cheeks Around 7 Weeks Ago. Unfortunately It Has Only Lasted a Week?

What do I do next? The volume only lasted for around a week. After four weeks my top lip began to swell. This lasted several days. The nurse who did... READ MORE

When Will Juvederm Definitely Leave Your Body?

I know it's impossible to say exactly when jurvedeerm will wear off but is guaranteed to leave eventually? And if so when will it definitely be gone?... READ MORE

Do I Need to Get a Second Opinion? is It Too Early to Fix? Can Corners Be Fixed? Will Botox Really Wear off in 3 Weeks? (photo)

Asked for thin outline on lip to highlight and minimize lines on top lip. Consult was 1 Juviderm, but RN used 2 Juviderm and botox (I didn't ask for)... READ MORE

My juvederm ultra xc only last 2 wks. I drink lots water can this be reason it didn't last?

I just need a filler that stays more month . I drink lot water can this be it. i dont take any meds not spose to .One md put 2 large and one small... READ MORE

1ml of juvederm Ultra XC lasting not even two weeks? Ultra Plus XC next time? (Photo)

I got 1 ml of juvederm ultra xc 12 days ago & 80% of the product is gone. I do have some on the border of my top lip / lower lip. I went to a very... READ MORE

I'm getting Juvederm lip injections. Does it wear off through time?

Ok so I am getting Juvadurm lip injections fri march 13th? I am looking to enhance my look. Once I do this is their no turning back or does it wear... READ MORE

Does Juverderm Always Work?

Hi, I had Juverderm for my lip couple of days ago. Its been 3 days and my lips are back to the size they once were. I'm a bit disappointed .... is... READ MORE

When do fillers begin to wear off? Gradually over the course of estimated duration, or gradually AFTER the estimated duration?

I understand that particular fillers have different estimates of longevity, & that this can also be dependent on the area of the face injected, so... READ MORE

Should I let Juvederm wear off naturally or get hyaluronidase to correct asymmetry caused by Juvederm?

I normally have Juvederm done out of state, but I saw a local doctor last month to add more to my nasolabial folds and cheeks. 4-5 weeks later I still... READ MORE

What will lips look like after Juvederm or Restylane wears off? (photo)

Hy I have 2 questions. So I want to get my lips done but im not sure what would be a good idea for me, if to get Restylane or Juvederm? Second is if i... READ MORE

How does Juvederm wear off in your lips?

I'm getting Juvederm injections from a nurse at a spa. I have pretty thin lips, I just want to even out my crooked top lip and plump them a bit. When... READ MORE

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