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Need to Drink Lots of Water After Having Juvederm Injections?

Is it important to drinks lots of water for two weeks after having juvoderm lip injections? I am worried that i have not been drinking enough to get... READ MORE

Water Absorption in Juvederm

My surgeon has mentioned that Juvederm "absorbs water" post injection into the face. What does this mean exactly. Is this water that's... READ MORE

Juvederm + water. If I drink a lot of water, will it add more volume?

I just got Juvederm injected into my nose. My nose isn't swollen. The doctor told me that I will see the final result after a few days to 1 week since... READ MORE

My juvederm ultra xc only last 2 wks. I drink lots water can this be reason it didn't last?

I just need a filler that stays more month . I drink lot water can this be it. i dont take any meds not spose to .One md put 2 large and one small... READ MORE

9 days post op Juvederm, a little water bumps developed on my lips. Is this normal?

There to 9 days were injected me botox Juvederm in the lips. I still have pain and I have develope small bumps of water in my mouth .. During the... READ MORE

Juvederm swelling 4 years post-op, why is this happening? (Photos)

Hi, i had juvederm injected into my tear troughs over 4 years ago. On one side only, there is persistent redness and a swollen lump. The lump is in... READ MORE

Puffy under eyes after cheek injections. Will this ever go away? (Photo)

Hi, I had a fillers done in my cheeks and Botox uroumd my eye in May 2016 it has been 9 month since then and I still have the puffy under eye. A few... READ MORE

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