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Advice/Treatment Options for Sunken Cheeks/Marionette Lines? (photo)

In my lower cheek I've lost volume and developed ‘pouches’/marionette lines. I've had Juvederm in nose-to-mouth lines twice since the age of 30 (la... READ MORE

Sculptura Vs. Juvederm For Facial Fat Loss?

Hello, I'm a thin woman in her 30s. I've noticed facial fat loss over time. It's not terrible but I'm definitely looking more "gaunt" these days. I... READ MORE

Can 1 hour work outs be the cause of dramatic loss of lip filler experienced after receiving 3 syringes of juvederm to my lips?

I have received 2 - 3 syringes of Juvederm filler to my lips 4 times over the past year (2 syrynges injected ininitially, with a third injected 2... READ MORE

Is Rapid Facial Volume Loss and Malar Bags Appearance Normal? (photo)

I am 35 and over a period of 4 or 5 months I loss volume in my cheeks and chin and developed malar bags. My weight has been consistent and my doctor... READ MORE

Can I get more Juvederm? (photos)

I had one syringe of juvederm placed into my lips over a month ago. It seems to have lost volume- I can no longer notice any difference. Can I add... READ MORE

Flaccidity Caused by Weightloss. Fillers with No Changes in Size of the Face, No Enlargment?

Can liquid facelift or fillers be used to restore much little amount of volume after weight loss and few flaccidity, without it changing the SIZE of... READ MORE

Swelling feels hot after juvederm ultra plus. Could this be a sign of an infection?

I got juvederm ultra plus in the back of both of my cheeks for volume loss and radiesse around my mouth yesterday. The injections were done by an... READ MORE

Juvederm ultra plus in nasolabial folds and Botox in DAO muscle- I look like a Joker before my wedding! Can it be fixed? (Photo)

I went to my dermatologist 2 weeks ago for noticeable volume loss in my nasolabial folds after weight loss. I voiced all my concerns and told her how... READ MORE

Juvederm did not work for early signs of jowls and nasiolabal folds. Any suggestions? (photos)

I am 33 and have noticed significant loss of volume in my face and the early signs of nasolabial sagging and the appearance of lower jowls. I am very... READ MORE

How much filler would I need to improve the volume loss in my face? (photo)

I have lost volumn and I need my jowls lifted. What filler is best and can my appearance be fixed? READ MORE

Should I get juvederm in my marionette lines now or in a year once I've lost 50 lbs? (photo)

My face will lose volume as I lose my 50 lbs. I have marionette lines around my mouth. I'm 43. If I get the filler now, which is expensive, will it... READ MORE

Would Juvederm Ultra or Ultra Plus be able to address my cheek volume loss? (Photo)

I am young and have minor volume loss in my cheeks. I never had fillers or botox done, and with makeup on still get carded for drinks, but I am... READ MORE

Only got filler in vermillion border, now my lips look like a fish. (photos)

I'm 39 and looking to recapture volume that was lost. I let my injector do what she thought was best. She only injected the vermillion border of top... READ MORE

Half imperceptible volume in 'whole' face - not just cheeks and chin. Is it possible?

I lost weight and my face is a little thinner. Is it possible 'recover' volume without changing the original format of the 'whole face' wich... READ MORE

Marionette lines -- what can be done?

In my case, the lines are like shzdiws, or hollows, volume loss -- not creases or folds -- but still quite apparent. I've tried Juvederm injections... READ MORE

I had a very quick volume loss in jowl area 1 week after treatment. Is this normal?

Had Voluma and Juverderm in my cheeks, around my mouth and jowls 1 week ago. At first everything looked nice and plump. Swelling went down after 4... READ MORE

Juvederm ultra plus in nasolabial folds and around mouth after weight loss/ grinding teeth? (photos)

Hi! I am getting married in 3 months and after losing 30 lbs and grinding at night I have noticed volume loss and wrinkles/indentations around my... READ MORE

Look like the godfather after juvederm injections as model at Botox Party. Is this normal? (Photos)

I was asked to attend a Botox Fillers Party, I am very small frame and after having life saving gastric bypass surgery 2yrs ago for hole in intestines... READ MORE

Modelis Shape (Anteis) vs Juvederm Voluma for bags & mid face volume loss? (Photo)

I have eye bags & mid face volume loss that result in a rather haggard appearance. I was advised against lower bleph by 2 surgeons, they weren't sure... READ MORE

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