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How Long Will Juverderm Last to Pump Up Cheek Volume?

I am 51 years old and i am thinking ofg etting jurvderm in the cheek area to pump up volume how long will it last. i was told it would last a year. READ MORE

Juvederm Vs. Juvederm Ultra Plus

For adding volume to face, what do you recommend? Juvederm, or Juvaderm Ultra Plus? I'm going to have it for fat loss below the cheeks and not for... READ MORE

Can anyone tell me about the 8 point lift with Juvederm Voluma? Is this better than just injecting in one area?

If you put small amounts of products in different areas to keep the shape of your face, is this better than say just putting in cheeks for lack of... READ MORE

Can U Use Juvederm Injections to Add Volume to Your Hips/buttocks?

Can U Use Juvederm Injections to Add Volume to Your Hips/buttocks?  READ MORE

Juvederm or Artefill for Lost Facial Volume After Weight Loss?

I have lost volume in my face after recent weight loss. I'm always looking like I'm sad and everyone tells me to smile all the time. I'm only 38 and... READ MORE

I want my cheeks to be naturally enhanced with more volume, how much ml of dermal filler is needed of Juvaderm or Sub Q? (photo)

One Dr. suggested 2ml in each cheek= 4ml's, reasoning that 1ml on each cheek will be a waste, as there wont be a noticeable difference. I'm a bit... READ MORE

Are Juvederm Ultra xc or Ultra Plus xc actually a better choice to increase cheek volume than Voluma in younger patients?

I went to a free consultation with a plastic surgeon in my area because of concerns with a very minor volume loss of my cheeks. He recommended... READ MORE

Juvederm and Vascular Laser Under Eyes for Hollows and Purple Shadows?

I would like 2 have Juvederm done 2 fill hollow troughs under my eyes. It would seem that I have lost volume/fat under my eyes. It looks as though... READ MORE

Which is best for getting most volume in your lips? Juvederm or belotero intense?

I got my lips done around 3 weeks ago with 1ml of juvederm, I loved the outcome they were really big, I knew before that I would prefer them when they... READ MORE

Is It Ok To Get Juvederm over Fat Grafting To Add Additional Volume?

I had fat grafting on my cheeks three months ago. Is it all right to have Juvederm injected over this area? I would like a little more volume. My... READ MORE

I live in the UK. What's the difference between juvederm ultra 3 and juvederm ultra smile?

In terms of thickness and final result of volume, what would be the difference between the two? Which would produce a larger lip volume and plumper... READ MORE

What is in Kylie Jenners lips? How to achieve this look pictured? (photos)

I'd like to know how to achieve this look pictured . I've had 4 syringes of juvederm over the past 2 years and the pout seems quite different. I seem... READ MORE

Will it be enough - half a syringe of Juvederm. (photo)

I am getting juvederm injections.. I'm going with half a syringe.. I want volume on my top lip more than my bottom, I also want my top Lip to be have... READ MORE

Juvederm lumps not dissolving after two years.

I had Juvederm injected into my cheek area for volume. This resulted in a lump on each cheek which then traveled down my face over a two year period.... READ MORE

Juvederm filler for cheek (asymmetry)? (photos)

My left side of my face is much more defined and attractive compared to the right side. My right cheek is flatter than my left causing a sunken look... READ MORE

Can filler in Nasolabial folds cause a pushing towards the lip and hence cause vertical smokers lines to form?

I had juvederm 4 filler for the first time. The reputable surgeon suggested that he would put the filler in the area of the Nasolabial folds & advised... READ MORE

What is the maintenance like on lip fillers?

I have very thin lips, and basically no structure to my upper lip. I just got my first injection on juvaderm ultra, and I know I will need a few... READ MORE

Is volbella more of a subtle volume enhancement for the lips compared to juvederm?

I know volbella lasts longer than juvederm in the lips but will it take more syringes to achieve volume compared to juvederm? Is it just for more of a... READ MORE

How Likely is It to Move or Damage Juvederm with Skin Picking? Had It Injected 3 Wks Ago

Into rolling scars and to add volume in cheeks and perioral area related to aging. I tend to pick at skin when stressed. I try to clean the sebum out... READ MORE

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