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I want to get rid of my Malar Festoons, from over injection of Juvederm.I have Cheek Edema. (Photo)

I had juvederm injections for my tear troughs approximately 2 years ago. Since then I have had vitrase injections to dissolve some of the excess... READ MORE

Which one is better: Vitrase vs Hylenex? Why doctors choose to carry one over the other?

Has anyone experienced one to be better than the other in dissolving Juvederm Ultra Plus XC?(Hylenex vs Vitrase) I received 3 vials of Juvederm Ultra... READ MORE

Are There Any Solutions Besides Vitrase That Might Speed Up the Breakdown of Juvederm Ultra Plus? Thank You.

I had 3 syringes of Juvederm Ultra Plus injected into my cheeks. The immediate results looked good, but 3 weeks later I am left with a spongy swollen... READ MORE

IPL and Juverderm Treatment?

5 weeks ago I had Juverderm injected under my eyes followed by a IPL treatment. I now have swelling under my eyes on my cheekbone that look like half... READ MORE

I have had juvederm injected in my upper lip 3 weeks ago and i dont like the result?

Im gonna get vitrase injected in my upper lip tomorrow. Will this affect my natural lip acid? READ MORE

Orange County Doctor That Uses Vitrase Needed - Orange County

I'm looking for a doctor/practitioner in Orange Country that uses brand vitrase to dissolve juverderm under the eyes. I had juv syringe (1) under... READ MORE

Why is my Face Still Swollen a Month After Vitrase Injections to Dissolve Juvaderm Ultra Plus?

I had 1.5 vials of Juvaderm Ultra Plus injected in cheeks 6 months ago.I wasn't happy with results and received multiple vitrase injections over a... READ MORE

Does Vitrase do more damage to skin and does it dissolve Juvederm evenly? (Photo)

Juvederm and botox 3 weeks ago my face has changed so much under eyes are indentation and dark I'm not happy READ MORE

Is the best option to get Vitrase to take out the filler and a steroid for the swelling? (Photo)

I had Juverderm injected in the corner of my eye 2 weeks ago and the left eye was fine but the right eye had a bump immediately, the bump subsided... READ MORE

When will the swelling go down under the eyes after Juvederm filler and after Vitrase injection? (photos)

Update on my Juverderm filler injection: I had my dermotologist inject Vitrase where she had injected the filler and immediately the bump went down... READ MORE

Can Juvederm under eye cause permanent bags even after vitrase? Is there another option if it didn't work? (photo)

I had juvederm placed under my eyes 3 1/2 months ago. Immediately after, I had a large bulge under my L eye that looked like a bag. 2 1/2 mo. after, I... READ MORE

Is this Tyndall Effect or just old age? (photos)

I had juvederm in tearthroughs last september and then again in January 2016, then I had some voluma in my middle cheek...I feel like my eyes look way... READ MORE

How do I speed up dissolving of Juvederm injected to tear troughs? It was already injected with Vitrase & hyaluronidase (Photo)

After one round of Vitrase by original injector and hyaluronidase by another doctor, My left eye still looks very puffy and like a huge bag. How... READ MORE

Vitrase skin damage. Will I ever recover?

I had juviderm put in my cheeks they looked way too big, I went to ps to dissolve it after two weeks now I have damaged skin veins and black under eye... READ MORE

Uncertain as to how I should manage my lip injections. Should I have more Vitrase injected? (Photo)

I had juvederm put in my lips in August. It was slightly uneven. I went in for a touch up. She over filled the smaller side and added more to the... READ MORE

Should I be concerned about getting Vitrase to remove Juvederm?

As you can see in previous posts and pictures, I had juvederm placed under my eyes, NOT in the rear trough area, but the Malar grooves on my upper... READ MORE

Does Vitrase kill/eat away on your natural HA?

I got an entire vial of Vitrase into a lump of Juvederm and it instantly melted away. My concern now is that the Vitrase has left a dent and I noticed... READ MORE

How Many Vitrase Injections Would It Take to Dissolve 1.5 Vials of Juvaderm Ultra Plus?

I had 1.5 vials of Juvaderm Ultra Plus injected into my cheeks 6 months ago.Since that time I've had 5 Vitrase injections over 3 months in an attempt... READ MORE

I got Juvederm injected and removed and now it looks uneven, what can I do? (photos)

I got juvederm injected and dissolved with vitrase, but it all has not been dissolved. I thought my face was looking back to normal, but it does not... READ MORE

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