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Lumpy Upper Lips After Juvederm, What Are My Options? (photo)

Hello! This was my second time getting Juvederm in my lips. When I first got it last year, I loved the slight "cupids bow" effect that it gave me, as... READ MORE

Had Filler in Lips Two Months Ago and Look Like the Joker. my Smile Looks Fake?

Two months ago I had juvaderm injected into both lips. Previously, I had my lips enlarged using string. Now I look like the joker when I smile. My... READ MORE

7 Months Post Juvederm for Nasolabial Folds and Face Has Completely Changed?

My face completely changed. I no longer have my natural features. The doc injected it between my chin and my jaw, when I smile my high cheekbone... READ MORE

What is recommended for my lips to get the full look that I want Juvederm or Restylane? (photos)

Hi ! I am considering juvederm or restylane fillers for my lips ? My friend is telling me I already have full lips and this will give me a very... READ MORE

Pouches around mouth? What is this from and what can I do? Recent weight loss and getting married in a few months. (Photo)

I've lost 30 pounds in the last year and my skin has changed. I had 1 cc of juvaderm plus in my cheeks a month ago and Botox in jaw for tmj/wide jaw.... READ MORE

How to get rid of Juvederm Vollift in the lips?

6 weeks ago I've had Juviderm Vollift put in my lips, but, I found the result to be unnatural. I had a bit of a trout pout. I went to a doctor to... READ MORE

I have duck lips after having juvederm injected a week ago. How can this be resolved? (Photo)

I had juvederm injected 1 week ago and my upper lip is looking puffy and unnatural. Is this due to improper techniques or too much filler? How can... READ MORE

Why do my bottom lip Juvederm fillers look unnatural? (Photo)

I have gotten juvarderm smile fillers on my lips about 5 times ,its been about 8 months since I have done it last but my problem is that it looks like... READ MORE

I made the lip filler procedure almost 3 weeks ago using juvedrum and I feel that my upper lip is still fake?

Hi its sally I made the lip filler procedure 3 weeks ago using juvedrum and i feel that my upper lip is still fake its my first time to do it n i want... READ MORE

Juvederm bottom lip border overfilled? (photo)

I just got my bottom lip touched up with 0.4 Juvederm Plus. It has only been a few hours and I know from past experiences I am a sweller. I can see... READ MORE

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