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Juvederm Ultra vs. Ultra Plus

What is Juvederm Ultra used for? How is this different from other types of Juvederm, like Ultra Plus - do they treat different things? READ MORE

What's the Difference Between Juvederm Ultra and Ultra Plus?

What is the difference between "Juvederm ultra" and "Juvederm ultra plus"? which one is longer lasting andis softer, I mean passes the kiss test better? READ MORE

How Long Does Juvederm Ultra Plus Last in Lips?

About how long does Juvederm ultra plus last in lips? READ MORE

How to Keep Juvederm Ultra Plus from Migrating?

I Just Had Juvederm Ultra Plus Injected in my Cheeks, What is the Best Way to Keep the Filler from Moving Around? READ MORE

What Are the Effects of Using Juvederm over a Long Time?

If I have my lips injected with juvederm ultra xc every few months (as the product gradually wears out but not completely)over a lifetime, is it... READ MORE

What Do I Do About Extreme Swelling in Lips After Juvederm Ultra?

On Monday afternoon I had 0.8ml of Juvederm Ultra injected into my lips. Later that afternoon and into the night, I massaged and fiddle with them so... READ MORE

Solution to Tyndall Effect, Suborbital 'Pillows' Post-Juvederm Injections?

8 months post Juvederm Ultra injected into tear troughs, I am still getting questions, even from strangers, about the blue puffy horizontal pillows... READ MORE

Juvederm Puffiness on Nasolabial Fold

I had Juvederm ultra applied on my nasolabial folds. It seems the doctor injected too much (1 syringe), after 2 months I still feel the product under... READ MORE

Juvederm Ultra 2 for Nasal Folds and Below Jowls?

Can juvederm ultra 2 be used on the upper nasel folds as well as below the jowel, sides of chin area? Im 29 so im not looking to fill in lines and... READ MORE

How to get rid of lumps in lip after Juvederm Ultra 1/2 syringe injection? (Photo)

I had juvederm ultra (1/2 syringe) injected into my top lip 3 days ago by a technician. I can see and feel these hard pea size lumps and when I talk... READ MORE

Perlane vs Juvederm Ultra Plus

I had perlane injected in my nasal labial folds 3 years ago and it looked completely natural. I had just a slight loss of volume in my nasal labial... READ MORE

Are Juvederm Ultra xc or Ultra Plus xc actually a better choice to increase cheek volume than Voluma in younger patients?

I went to a free consultation with a plastic surgeon in my area because of concerns with a very minor volume loss of my cheeks. He recommended... READ MORE

Juvederm Ultra Plus vs Juvederm Voluma?

For adding volume to face, what do you recommend? Juvederm Voluma, or Juvederm Ultra Plus? Which one is thicker and what is the difference? READ MORE

Is Juvederm Ultra Plus a Good Choice for Subtle Laugh Lines?

Hi. I Am 33 Years with Subtle Laugh Lines.My doctor suggested Juvederm Ultra Plus in one 0.8 syringe for both sides. Kindly advise if this would an... READ MORE

Hyalase to Dissolve Juvederm Does Not Seem to Work.

6 weeks ago I had one syringe of Juvederm Ultra to build the cheek area. I did not like the results-over inflated cheeks and uneven / heavy cheek... READ MORE

Is it ok to get Juvaderm ultra if I have flu?

Hi there, I am due to have Juvaderm ultra this afternoon for around my nasal folds and lips and for the last couple of days I've have a runny/blocked... READ MORE

Local Swelling when Juvederm Ultra Breaks Down After Approx. 9 Months?

I used to have softline injected into the marionette lines around my mouth. I switched to Juvederm Ultra as the filler lasted longer. However, when... READ MORE

Lips/philtrum forever ruined with Juvederm? 3 days ago lip fillers in philtrum injected, scarring possible? (Photo)

Hello, I have asked the same question one day ago. This time I am providing better photos. My philtrum looks red and wide after Juvederm Ultra Smile... READ MORE

1.5 syringes of Juvederm Ultra Plus and 3 months later my lips shrunk down and now I have skin rash around my mouth (Photo)

Pic 1 shows my lips before injection. First injection 1 full syringe. 3 days later you can see lips are uneven. 1 week later doctor injects .5 (half)... READ MORE

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