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Do I have a biofilm infection from Juvederm voluma? (photos)

I had voluma injected under my eyes 3 months ago. About a month after the initial injection, I woke up with my left under eye very swollen and tender.... READ MORE

Why is There Swelling Behind Marionette Lines Filled W/ Juvaderm Ultra-plus?

It's been 1 week post juvaderm ultra-plus. I swelled up behind marionette lines so i went to see the doctor the next day - he felt inside my gum which... READ MORE

I have a tingly, tender, burning lips after Juvederm. Any suggestions? (photos)

I have had my lips filled x4 times in the last year the last top up was non permanent however it has been seven days my lips are tingly tender and a... READ MORE

Can a cold/flu cause swelling at (juvederm) injection sites?

I had juvederm filler in lip and cheek just over a week ago. The swelling subsided normally and everything appeared normal. I have flu symptoms and... READ MORE

Is Tenderness Normal 3 Weeks Post Juvaderm in Lips?

I had one syringe juvaderm in lips 3 wks ago. First time. Mostly in upper lip, a little in bottom lip. Anyway, I haven't felt any tenderness since day... READ MORE

I have rash and numbness 4 days after lip filler. Any suggestions? (photos)

I had my lips filled 4 days ago that evening I had a weird rash come up the left side of My face, my nostril is very tender to touch.. The swelling... READ MORE

5 days after Juvederm, smile & my right top lip has filler above my actual lip line making it look unnatural & duck like.(photo)

5days after juverderm smile and my right top lip has filler above my actual lip line making it look unnatural and duck like. Will this decrease in... READ MORE

Feel tender a month after Juvederm? (Photo)

I had juvederm injected almost a month ago in my NF she also done near my nose! The left side is still tender to touch and I feel a lot of tightness... READ MORE

Are my lips infected after receiving Juvederm Ultra Plus?

Hello, I got Juvederm ultra plus injected into my lips (0.5 ml) exactly 2 weeks ago. My lips are still tender to the touch and I have a hard mass in... READ MORE

I had filler injection (Juvederm) 5 months ago. The area swells and is tender; is this normal?

, every so often each area injected swells(hard ball like) and is tender to the touch but then after a day or so it goes away to another area. Why?... READ MORE

New swelling 4 months after injectables. Any suggestions?

I had juvaderm fillers injected into my cheekbone area and lips 5 moths ago. After this procedure I experienced very little swelling or discomfort.... READ MORE

Tenderness in cheeks 3 weeks after juvederm, is this normal?

I got juvederm imbecylem ybree weeks ago in my cheeks, i still have a mild deep tenderness in my left cheek, I saw my doctor two weeks after injection... READ MORE

Juvederm injected in pointy nose tip months ago.

I had 2 rhinoplastys to soften my nose tip still disappointed in the results I let a nurse inject juvederm in my tip maybe 3 months ago. All of a... READ MORE

Tender lumps months after dissolved Juvederm?

I got juvaderm in my lips in October and got them disolved about a month later because it was very lumpy. Since then I've had a few lumps remaining... READ MORE

Could this be an infection at Juvederm injection site? (photos)

I received Juvederm injections under my mouth 4 days ago. I know the general swelling is normal, as I had it last time and it subsided within 10 days... READ MORE

Eye bags after filler? (Photos)

I had juvederm injected into my tear troughs 10 days ago, I had quite a bad black eye which is almost gone now, it still feels a little tender but my... READ MORE

Juvederm filler not non surgical chin augmentation - should I be concerned? (photos)

I had juvederm injected into my chin to correct a dimple and a receding chin. I had this procedure 3 days ago and the tenderness and swelling is gone.... READ MORE

Swelling and tenderness after Juvederm lip fillers, is this normal? I'm worried I will have a "trout pout" (photos)

Hi I got 1ml of juvederm lip fillers around 15hours ago. This was my first time having any kind of procedure like this. The treatment itself was not... READ MORE

Juvederm injections sore and swollen months after procedure.

I had juviderm injected into my chin almost 5 months ago, Everything was fine until this morning when I woke up with the sites where the juviderm is... READ MORE

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