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Is the Injection Technique for Juvederm Different from Restylane?

Is the injection technique for a monophasic HA filler (Juvederm) different from a biphasic filler (Restylane)? READ MORE

Where Should Juvederm Be Injected when Trying to Fill the Tear Trough (Under Eye Area)?

I'm 32 & have slight "hollowing" underneath eyes. I had Restalyn a year ago under my eyes & other then bruising was pleased. It... READ MORE

Juvederm injection technique injecting filler as needle is going into the skin. Is this a common technique?

I had a consultation for Juvederm to correct nasolabial folds and marionette lines. The Board Certified Dermatologist said that as he is injecting the... READ MORE

How Precisely Can Juvederm Be Injected? Volume ONLY at Place of Injection?

1: Does Juvederm only attract water at the precise place where it is injected and where the Juvederm is, or does it also attract water a just a few... READ MORE

How Juvederm Works For Lip Augmentation? (photo)

How lip filler works ,what are the side effects of these filler. READ MORE

Will lip injections always result with swelling above upper lip?

Is there any type of filler made for the lips that doesn't make the area above the upper lip swell? I have had around 2 syringes of Juvederm ultra... READ MORE

What is the technique for injecting Juvederm ?

Should the plunger of the syringe be pulled back to ensure there is no blood present , thus indicating that the needle is not in a blood vessel ?? Or... READ MORE

Did Dr.'s poor technique injecting Juvederm result in the hard lumps?

Dr. injected Juvederm just above nasal folds instead of in the folds. Now I have rather large (hard) lumps on both sides of my face. During the... READ MORE

Are there different techniques for achieving full lips in Juvederm injections? (photos)

After the swelling goes down from my lip injections, my lips still look a little small on the outside, but fuller on the inside. Are there different... READ MORE

What is the best technique a practitioner should use when injecting the lips with juvederm?

Some suggest filling the body of the lip as if it's lipstick and others line the lips as well as inject the body. Is there a way to avoid hitting vessels? READ MORE

I have had two full syringes of juvaderm injected in my lips and am not seeing much difference. What are my options? (Photos)

After one syringe I only saw little difference so two months later got another syringe to get the results I was looking for. The swelling has gone... READ MORE

Which lip filler technique will give me fuller lips, no ducks? (Photos)

Injected first time in June with Juvaderm. Just went back for additional volume, received 1 syringe of Juvaderm and 1 syringe (.55ml) Volbella.... READ MORE

My Juvederm did not fill my cheeks? Was the nurse's way of injecting it correct? (Photo)

She said it has to be at the bone. But it was pressing very roughly on my bones, I leaned away many times to get away from the metal pressure. Has it... READ MORE

The two needle technique for lip augmentation with Juvederm, how frequent is this?

I went and got my lips done for the second time (with a different doctor each time) my injector started injecting a total of 1cc of juvederm but then... READ MORE

Juvederm injections in upper/lower lips - 1 syringe. Lips look uneven when I smile. Typical or a result of poor technique?

I notice that when I smile, the lips look a bit uneven. My upper lip in particular looks a bit "wavy" at the bottom border. Interestingly, after the... READ MORE

Can wrong technique injecting Juvederm cause scarring, damage? (photo)

I had 1 ml Juvederm Voluma and 1 ml Juvederm Volift midface, undereye 5 months ago. I had puffiness and went back three times to dissolve the product... READ MORE

I had my lips injected with 1cc of juvaderm ultra plus - it looks uneven and bumpy. Is it the product or the injector? (photos)

About 8 months ago I had 1cc of juvaderm ultra plus injected, I had bumps and unevenness. I went back in to have the original injector fix it which... READ MORE

Is this Juvederm technique for lip enhancement accurate?

I had Juvederm injected into my lips four days ago.injections made were similiar to the pattern on a dice, four injections total.I only wanted the... READ MORE

Have bulging elongated lump next to eye/along rim of eye socket after Juvederm. Poor technique or did Juvederm migrate? (photos)

Had one syringe (total) of Juvederm injected in both cheeks 2 days ago. It has looked the same since shortly after injection. I asked the doctor about... READ MORE

Nasiolabial fold and marionette filler - best approach to look natural?

I previously had juvederm filler for nasolabial folds wher all of the folds were eliminated, which I found looked unnatural. Also when I smiled, parts... READ MORE

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