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Advice/Treatment Options for Sunken Cheeks/Marionette Lines? (photo)

In my lower cheek I've lost volume and developed ‘pouches’/marionette lines. I've had Juvederm in nose-to-mouth lines twice since the age of 30 (la... READ MORE

How Much Downtime for Injectable Fillers in the Laugh Lines and Possibly Under the Eyes (Sunken in Eye Sockets)?

Would i look ok to go out the next day ? How bad is swelling/downtime for each area? I need to show my face the next day for something important... READ MORE

Should I contact a Dermatologist or a Plastic Surgeon to get fillers for sunken cheeks ? Both seem to do the procedure. (photo)

I was told Juviderm would be best for me to add volume. Any advice? (40 years old, sunken, hollowed cheeks from running and weight loss) READ MORE

Juvederm filler for cheek (asymmetry)? (photos)

My left side of my face is much more defined and attractive compared to the right side. My right cheek is flatter than my left causing a sunken look... READ MORE

More pronounced jowls after Juvederm Voluma?

I had Juvederm voluma (2 units) for my sunken cheeks done a week ago. I am very happy with results, my cheeks look much better, I had no bruising and... READ MORE

Scar tissue and Kenalog after Juvederm. Any suggestions?

Had chronic cellulitis. Finally healed, left scar tissue & sunken jawline. Got Juverderm & needle used to break up scar tissue. Looked great. Next... READ MORE

Can juvederm lumps be permanent?

About a year ago I had juvederm ultra injected under my eyes by an oculoplastic surgeon. I got lumps under both eyes - the right worse than left.... READ MORE

I am 32 years old and I have sunken cheeks. I want to have bigger cheeks. Juvederm or Restylane?

What is the best treatment is it Juvederm or restalyne for bigger cheeks? or are these only used to volumize lips? READ MORE

I have had many fillers from Juvederm Ultra to Voluma, perlane and it only lasts 2 weeks. My cheeks are sunken. Any suggestion?

I have had many fillers from Juvederm Ultra to Voluma, perlane and it only lasts 2 weeks, I'm so frustrated! I had a facelift done 3 years ago and my... READ MORE

Have Had Previous Fillers. Now I Have a Sunken Place on the Lower Outside Part of my Eyes?

I have gotten filler under my eyes and my cheekbones in the past. What would be the best solution for this. I got juvederm but it did not help. READ MORE

Dynamic eye wrinkles, sunken tear troughs s/p 1cc Juvederm below eye. 20u Botox to lateral canthals b/l, 10u lower eye (Photo)

I'm 33 y/o F, had h static lateral eye wrinkles and very overactive obicularis resulting in dynamic wrinkles around eye. Lateral canthal lines tx with... READ MORE

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