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24 Hours After Lip Filler (unknown type of filler) - What is happening to my face? (Photo)

I got a lip filler injection about 24 hours ago and immediately saw small purple spots above my lip, by my nose, spreading toward my nasolabial fold.... READ MORE

Do Juvaderm/Perlane Spread when Placed in the Face?

I was a huge fan of injecting Radiesse into my nose to increase the bridge as well as to achieve a slender and narrow affect from the front view.... READ MORE

Can a Juvederm Lip Injection Spread a Cold Sore Across Your Lip?

I used to get a cold sore once a year on my upper left corner of my lip and have broken out twice now on my upper lip where the bubbles are spread all... READ MORE

Cosmetic Fillers in Cheeks Yesterday, Surgeon Massage Area Really Hard to Spread it Out Evenly?

However, since sleeping overnight - i slept on one side and I now have a hard lump under my eye - you can't see it but you can feel it. Is this... READ MORE

Juvederm in tear troughs w/no bruising or swelling. It's been 22hrs and noticed lumps, as if not spreading uniformly. (photos)

I've read conflicting reports that it's normal and will go down, and others say what you see is what you get. They are clearly lumps I can feel.... READ MORE

​8 day post op of Juvederm, my left eyes has lumps and is spreading to my right cheek bone. What can I do to help?

My Doctor continues to have his receptionist deal with my post Juvederm concerns. 8 days later my left eye has only gotten worse, the lumps are huge... READ MORE

Juvederm allergy and hematoma? (photo)

I had 1 syringe of Juvederm Ulta injected. The Dr hit a capillary on my top left lip resulting in bruising of my lip itself and the area above it.... READ MORE

Edema and Juvederm?

Four days after Juvederm 1.5 ml for nasolabial folds and lips, my whole body is swollen, especially face and nape of the head. I have been on... READ MORE

Injector too harsh? Hematoma, bruise spreading and swelling after Juvederm on lips. (photos)

I have had my lips done with Juvederm twice, 0.5mL and 1.0mL by the same nurse. Everytime I bruise badly, especially on the top lip and the bruise... READ MORE

Discoloration from filler and it wont go away? (photo)

I had what i was told was juvederm in mouth corners and botox at same time. Didnt like so went for hyalaise with same doc. After hyalaise color sermed... READ MORE

Can Juvederm spread when put in nasolabial folds if you're a stomach sleeper?

I have been getting Juvederm in my nasolabial folds for a few years. I feel like the filler is spreading and going above the nasolabial folds line... READ MORE

Follow-up to original Juvaderm allergy question

I wanted to specify that I did NOT get 1 syringe in my top lip. That amount was spread across both lips. The area that she hit began to swell and... READ MORE

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