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I had juvederm for deep laugh lines. Its in the wrong place and is a raised in a ridge/lump. Can I smooth it by pushing my skin

I had students inject juvederm into my laugh lines. I ended up with a long raised line along side of my laugh lines from top to bottom. I look twice... READ MORE

I got 2 syringes of Juvederm XC on the 18th, so 6 days ago. It's still a little bruised and bumpy. Any suggestion? (photo)

I had it in my lips and around the laugh lines and mouth area. It's still a little bruised but more important it's very bumpy still. How long... READ MORE

Juvederm instead of Botox for chin?

I've had a two really bad experiences with Botox to treat a pebble or cobblestone chin. My friend has the same issue and says she had one syringe of... READ MORE

Juvederm ultra now looks ultra lumpy on my lips. Any suggestions?

I recently had a full 1.0mL syringe injected into my upper and lower lip. Since the injection my lips look lumpy and where the juvederm was injected... READ MORE

Should Juvederm be placed under the tear trough groove? Or in the groove? (photos)

The photo on top illustrates the before placement of jevederm. The bottom picture is after (1day) what could be done to get a smoother result? READ MORE

How can I get rid of my smile lines? (photos)

I'm wondering if juvederm will give me a smooth, flat area around my nose and mouth and plump my cheeks so my smile lines will not be visible. My... READ MORE

Juvaderm ultra injected into nose, now nose very red and erythematous. (photos)

About 36 hours ago I had Juvéderm injected into the bridge of my nose to smooth out a lump. I've had this done about five other times in the past. I ... READ MORE

Lump after Juvederm, will it smooth out? (Photo)

I have a small lump after having Juvaderm injected in top lip (2 days ago). There is also a bruise, but only concerned with the round lump that hangs.... READ MORE

Has 1ml of Juvederm permanently damaged my lips? (photos)

I had 2 lots of .5ml of Juvederm 2 weeks apart in Dec '15. The bottom part of my upper lip is now bumpy and not smooth and perfect pre juvederm. I had... READ MORE

I had my lips done twice at 55. It would last about 8 months but did not look very natural. Any suggestions?

The third time I used a different doctor. He seemed to have put a big ball of filler into my top lip and another into my bottom lip. 2 months to... READ MORE

Blister like bump after juvederm lip augmentation. (photos)

I had one syringe of juvederm injected (with cannula). Immediately after the injection I could see a very strange swelling on the right side of my... READ MORE

Does juvederm, botox and glycolic peels really work because I can't see as they have after spending over $5,000.00?

I have received Juvederm Ultra plus with Lidoc and juvedermvoluma and juvederm volbella with lidocaine since Nov. 2o15 and now was told I should have... READ MORE

What is the best way to remove a bump and smooth a divot on my lip after fillers? (Photos)

I had juvederm plus lip fillers approximately two weeks ago. I have two areas that are very distorted. My physician suggested massage only to absorb... READ MORE

I have an indent/impression left from dermabrasion. What is the best filler to smooth out? Cost of procedure?

Is located upper lip..just above like a dished out... 3/4 inch lenghte by 1/4 inch wide doctor used botox to try flatten out but not much... READ MORE

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