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Can I get juvederm injected in my lips if currently have granulomas from silicone oil that was injected many years ago?

Unfortunately, not being educated at the time I had silicone oil injected in my lips maybe 7 years ago. I've have the granulomas for quite some time... READ MORE

Extreme nightmare! Juvederm/Silikon interaction or faulty injection technique? (photo)

On Tuesday (now Saturday) I went to a RN's 'medi spa' to get juvederm ultra plus done. I have silicone injections in my lips from a while back (from a... READ MORE

What steps should be taken if one believes they were injected with black market juvederm plus (silicone)? (Photo)

I believe I was given counterfeit product. I have now learned the price I paid for juvederm plus was much lower than it should've been (325/syringe).... READ MORE

Two days ago I was Injected with a Juvederm, silicone mix under my eyes. I need the best doctor in world to get this out!

I'm in tears as I write this! On Wednesday, 2 days ago I was injected with filler under my eyes with juvederm AND silicone! I had no idea this was... READ MORE

My upper lip is swollen after Juvederm over silicone. What should I do? (photos)

I told them I need borther lip only because I had silicone, anyway after 4 days this morning I saw it swallowen so bad what should I do READ MORE

I have had two full syringes of juvaderm injected in my lips and am not seeing much difference. What are my options? (Photos)

After one syringe I only saw little difference so two months later got another syringe to get the results I was looking for. The swelling has gone... READ MORE

Juvederm after silicone 30 years later? (Photo)

I had a small amount of silicone injected into my upper lip 30 years ago. Is it possible now to get juvederm injected into my lips to even out a bit. READ MORE

Could my doctor have injected my temples with silicone instead of Juvederm?

I never saw my doctor open a package of juvederm which we discussed would be my best option for injection in the temple region. I should have asked... READ MORE

Help ! Juvederm mixed with Silicone Fillers?

So this is my third time getting them done, I have not really had a problem until now. It has been a 2 weeks now that I did them (went back last week... READ MORE

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