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Puffy Eyes After Juvederm Injections in Under Eye Hollows

I had Juvederm injected below my eyes to fill in hollows, and now I have pillows instead. It looks horrible. My doctor said that only surgery would... READ MORE

Why Does Juvederm Leave a Bump After the Injections?

Every time I get Juvederm, I develop a little bump, like a bug bite. Is there any way to avoid this? READ MORE

Restylane and Juvederm Bumps - What Causes Them?

I have read many people complain of bumps after having Restylane or Juvaderm injections and others who love them. Are the bumps caused by user error... READ MORE

Juvederm Side Effects

I'm thinking of having Juvederm for deep wrinkles between brows. Are there any side effects? READ MORE

What Caused Rapid Loss of Juvederm Filler in my Lips?

I had my lips filled with Juvederm back in June. At the beginning of July I had a touch up performed. My lips looked great for about a month. Little... READ MORE

Downtime for Juvederm on Nasolabial Folds?

I am set up to do Juvederm in two days in my Nasolabial folds. I'm only 29 but they're really deep and I can't stand it anymore. After reading up on... READ MORE

White Bumps Around my Lips After Juvederm Augmentation?

I had Juvederm in my lips, and see little white "pimples" under the skin on my lips. I never had those before. You can't feel them, but ... READ MORE

How Do I Know if I Had an Allergic Reaction to Juvederm Injections?

This was 5 days after 1 syringe of juviderm was injected. My lips bled and cracked for three weeks, the were hot very sore and lumpy for three weeks,... READ MORE

Juvederm and Breastfeeding

I had juvederm ultra injected in my cheeks a week ago. my dermatologist said that it was safe to breastfeed my baby. i have been breastfeeding my baby... READ MORE

What Are the Risks of a Juvederm Nose Job?

I was recently told by the RN who does my laser hair removal that, Juvederm could be a good alternative to getting a nose job. Upon looking up side... READ MORE

Massage Juvederm Injection Lump?

I had my "laugh lines" injected with Juvederm yesterday. Although there was no bruising, I got a noticeable lump on the left side close to... READ MORE

Lumpy Ridges and Bruises After Juvederm

I had Juvederm injected under my eyes for hollows. This was done almost 2 weeks ago. I have bruises under both eyes and small pillow-like ridges... READ MORE

Necrosis or Hematoma After Juvederm Lip Injections?

How do you know if you have recieved a hematoma vs necrosis immediately after a juvederm plus injection in the lip. There was very little Juve... READ MORE

How Long Does It Take for Juvederm Bumps to Go Away?

Is it best to postpone Juvederm treatments until the bumps from the previous injection are gone? READ MORE

What Are Potential Juvederm Reactions?

Can doctors please explain plausible reactions you could have to Juvederm injected? READ MORE

Is It True That Using Juvederm Stretches the Skin, Making It Look Worse off After 6 Months?

I'm considering having Juvederm injected under eyes. A friend told me that once you start you can never stop because the skin stretches with the... READ MORE

When Do I Contact my Doctor if Unhappy with Juvaderm Results?

Help!! Had Juvederm yesterday and it doesn't look right!! Yesterday I had Juvederm Ultra Plus injections to my naso-labial area and the dermatologist... READ MORE

Is Numbness After Juvederm Treatment Normal?

I had juvederm injected into my upper and lower lips 9 days ago. The swelling is gone now but I am still numb on the right side of both my upper and... READ MORE

How Do I Treat Hematoma Caused by Juvederm Injection?

Also, Approximately how long does a hematoma caused by a Juvederm injection last? READ MORE

Black Eye After Juvederm - How Long Will It Last?

First of august I had Juvederm Plus put in the eye trough area. One eye had severe bruising. It took about 4 weeks for it to heal. Now that same area... READ MORE

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