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I'm Wondering if There is Any Way to Specifically Shape Lips with Juvederm? (photo)

I had juvederm a couple months ago and I am happy with the increased fullness, but now I am wondering if there is anyway to make my lips a little more... READ MORE

Juvederm in my Nasal Folds Caused Drooping, Spasms and Changed Shape of my Mouth. Im Scared It Will Never Get Better?

I was 19 had it done last july one in each nasal fold and one each on side of chin, a few months later my right lip had a slight droop and would have... READ MORE

Will Juvederm fillers fix my mental crease? If so, how will the fillers affect my chin shape when I smile? (Photo)

Will juvaderm fillers fix my mental crease? (Crease between lower lip and chin). This is a hereditary feature from father but i would like a chin with... READ MORE

Will my lips go back to their normal shape and fullness after I get Juvederm?

I want to get them fuller but I also like my natural lips. If they don't go back to normal then I won't get them done. READ MORE

Can I change the shape of my lips? (photo)

My lips are the ones in the top photos the lip shape that I want to have is in the bottom photos, I want to know if it's even possible to something... READ MORE

Can Juvederm be used to shape lips instead of making them bigger? (Photo)

I had juvederm injected into my thin lips over a year ago and there's still some left. I don't want to go any bigger, but I do want better shape. The... READ MORE

What might cause a permanent change in lip shape and size following Juvederm injection?

I had a small amount of juvederm injected into my upper and lower lips five years ago. I have seen a permanent significant change in lip shape and... READ MORE

Half imperceptible volume in 'whole' face - not just cheeks and chin. Is it possible?

I lost weight and my face is a little thinner. Is it possible 'recover' volume without changing the original format of the 'whole face' wich... READ MORE

Would Juvederm make my round face worse?

My face is very round, but I'm considering Juvaderm for nasolabial folds. If I were to do that, would that make my face appear rounder, or would it... READ MORE

How do I know if juvederm was misplaced or moved? The lump on one side of my face seems like it's in the wrong place.

I had juvederm injected into my nasal folds yesterday. I have a lump near my mouth and when I smile you can see the lump plus it creates a hollow... READ MORE

Is this the best that can be done with my lip shape? Dr. Says I will ruin my lips if the sides are filled. Is this true? (photos

I went to see a Dr., 3 wks ago, to fix the injections that his nurse treated my lips with in April, where she left me w/very uneven & bumpy lips. The... READ MORE

Lost shape after Juvederm. Are they just swollen right now? (Photo)

I had lip injections one week ago for the first time. It seems I have lost the border shape to my lips. Are they just swollen right now? My Cupid's... READ MORE

I have thin lips and I just paid for a lip augmentation with Juvederm (Photo)

However the Doctor seems very conservative and I am truly afraid cause although I don't want to look like duck I do want a difference and it seems... READ MORE

Lip shape for Juvederm or Restylane?

I am have always wanted to get fillers, however I have no idea as to what shape would fit me best or how much of the filler would look best. Are there... READ MORE

Do HA fillers cause permanent shape change?

I was injected with 3syringes of Juvederm Voluma XC in just the cheek area/under eye area(not the tear trough).The area was overfilled and the filler... READ MORE

Prolonged sore lips after Juvederm injections?

I first went to get juvederm injected into tear troughs. the injector used 1 type of juvederm for this (a thinner type than the 1 used for lips) I... READ MORE

Before & After 1 ml Juvederm. Not happy with the middle bit!! Can this be flush if I use more Juvederm? (photo)

Although I can see the change in shape I am even more concerned about the middle bit of my upper lip.  READ MORE

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