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Is Juvederm Safe?

I want to get Juvederm injections for the laugh lines around my mouth. Is Juvederm safe? What should I know about the safety of Juvederm? READ MORE

Reuse Juvederm Syringe for Future Injections?

I have had Juvederm injected in my horizontal forehead lines by a plastic surgeon in Dec. They said they used a half of the syringe and I could come... READ MORE

Does Juvederm Affect Pregnancy?

I recently had a 1/2 syringe of Juvederm injected into my smile lines. I do not plan on becoming pregnant at anytime in the near future but my husband... READ MORE

Is Safe to Buy Juvederm from Online Website?

Hello, I just came up with this website to buy juvederm online (Filler contain hyaluronic acid). I just want to know is the website is safe and sell... READ MORE

Juvederm Injection for Naso Labial While on Accutane?

I will soon start accutane, but I have 2 lines on the side of my mouth that appear when I laugh, is it dangerous to have juvederm injection if I am on... READ MORE

Is Juvederm or Radiesse Safe w/ Clotting Disorder?

Hello, I'm a 35 y.o. with a clotting disorder, I take Coumadin daily and was wondering if it is safe to have Juvederm done to my NLF and Radiesse... READ MORE

Can I Share a Dermal Filler Syringe with my Friend or Partner?

My husband is having Juvederm injected into his nose. I've always been interested in having my upper lip be fuller, and I was wondering if it was... READ MORE

MD selling half syringe of Juvederm?

I had a consult with an MD offering half syringes at about $375. I am concerned at how this may be possible. Does Juvederm come in Half cc's? Is this... READ MORE

What is the Risk of Disease Transmission when Sharing a Syringe but Switching Needle?

I just recently had 1 syringe of juvederm ultra plus injected into my upper lip for fullness by an RN. Upon using the first syringe she said that I... READ MORE

Can Sculptra and Juvaderm Be Injected in Face on Different Locations?

My doctor told me that i can't be injected now with sculptra because i have been recently injected with Juvederm. My doctor told i have to wait... READ MORE

Should my Left over Juvederm Have Been Discarded?

I went to a dermatolgist in the Mpls Area in May,purchased my juvederam plus for 595.00. Only a small portion was used. I according to the... READ MORE

Allergic to Sulfa Drugs. Are Restylane and Juvederm Safe?

If Someone is Allergic to Sulfa Drugs, is Resylyne or Juvederm Safe? READ MORE

Are There Any Permanent Issues with Using Juvederm Lip Fillers? I'm Doing Mine Tomorrow.

Hello. I was wondering if there are any permanent issues when using lip fillers? I've been wanting to get my lips done for years! And... READ MORE

Can biting my lips/skin ruin my lip filler?

I got Juvederm in my lips 2 days ago. I've tried Restylane before, but got nothing from it. I was considering a fat transfer but decided to try... READ MORE

Will it be safe to have Juvederm with autoimmune disorders?

Hi my doctors think that I have an autoimmune disorder possibly cfs. I am wanting to try juverderm. Would I be safe to use it or is it contraindicated... READ MORE

Is cheek filler safe?

Iam 27 years old i want to have cheek filler and, i' ve already made an appointment with a privet clinic. A nurse will be performing the filler for me... READ MORE

Juvederm Safe for Hypothyroidism Patients?

Is Juvederm okay to use if you have borderline hypothyroidism that doesn't need any treatment and is very minimal in the blood test results? I've had... READ MORE

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