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What Are the Risks of a Juvederm Nose Job?

I was recently told by the RN who does my laser hair removal that, Juvederm could be a good alternative to getting a nose job. Upon looking up side... READ MORE

Juvederm and Breastfeeding

I had juvederm ultra injected in my cheeks a week ago. my dermatologist said that it was safe to breastfeed my baby. i have been breastfeeding my baby... READ MORE

What Are the Effects of Using Juvederm over a Long Time?

If I have my lips injected with juvederm ultra xc every few months (as the product gradually wears out but not completely)over a lifetime, is it... READ MORE

How Often Should I Get Juverderm Treatments for Frown Lines?

I am 31 and I am beginning to see frown lines. Once I start getting Jeverderm treatments, how often should I get them? Is there a health risk to... READ MORE

Found Out I'm 6 Weeks Pregnant, and About Two Weeks Ago I Got Juvederm on my Lips. Is This Ok?

I just found out i am about 6 weeks pregnant, and about two weeks i got juvederm on my lips and laugh top it off the dr did not do a good... READ MORE

Juvederm fillers,good or bad idea? If I do get coldsores from the procedure will they be worse then usual? Duration?

I have had a history of cold sores since I was about 6/7 years old. Usually they are mild, and I dont always get them. I have gones 3 or 4... READ MORE

Risks of Using a Stored Syringe of Juvederm?

I have a syringe of Juvederm that my doc used for a touch-up last May 2008. It is nearly full, and I want to use the remainder. Is there any risk to... READ MORE

Should my Doctor Have Sterilized my Skin Before Injecting Juvederm?

All he did was apply the topical anesthetic to my nasolabial folds (over my makeup), then in went the needle. I asked if I should first wash the area... READ MORE

What is the Risk of Disease Transmission when Sharing a Syringe but Switching Needle?

I just recently had 1 syringe of juvederm ultra plus injected into my upper lip for fullness by an RN. Upon using the first syringe she said that I... READ MORE

Derma Lip Fillers Whilst on Roaccutane?

I've been on roaccutaine for about 2months now, and thankfully there are no traces of acne scares. I've been wanting to do Derma fillers for my lips... READ MORE

Risk of Scar Tissue from Juvederm and Restylane?

I am considering Restylane or Juvederm for my "smile lines." Someone commented above, "If you don't want to feel the product, Juvederm... READ MORE

Hyaluronic acid filler during breastfeeding?

I Know the risk related to Injections in general and that the lidocaine is the anestetic that is included into fillers that is dangerous for my baby,... READ MORE

Should I Fear the Possibility of Arterial Occlusion with Juvederm Injection?

I had a vein tied off under my eye, leaving a small scar laterally to my eye. My PS injected it with steroids when he noticed an undisolved stitch.... READ MORE

Can you go blind after filler with Juvaderm to nasolabial folds?

I had filler to my nasolabial fold 7 days ago and read that it cause blindness which made me freak out big time and I need some answers: 1) can filler... READ MORE

I Am 26 and Interested in Using Juvederm Under Eyes. Is This a Bad Idea?

I have slight lines under my eyes but I am good at not tanning and staying away from the sun. I went for a Juvederm consultation and they said... READ MORE

I am Using Roaccutane 20 Mg Tablets Since 20 Days (1x2), Can I Have Epidermal Filler (Juvederm) Under my Eyes?

I am Using Roaccutane 20 Mg Tablets Since 20 Days (1x2), Can I Have Epidermal Filler (Juvederm) Under my Eyes? READ MORE

Can Juvederm Migrate from Glabella Area into Eyes and Cross the Blood Brain Border?

Have heard that juvederm can migrate from its original place.Is it posible for filler to migrate from glabella area into eyes causing floaters and... READ MORE

Can Juvederm Cause Any Reactions or Problems if I've Been Diagnosed with Trigeminal Neualgia & I Am Taking Carbamazepine?

Can Juvederm Cause Any Reactions or Problems if I've Been Diagnosed with Trigeminal Neualgia & I Am Taking Carbamazepine? READ MORE

Is it Possible that My Doctor is Saving Leftover Juvederm for Another Treatment?

Doc said it would take 2 v's for minor maintenance of nasal, marionette & 2 small lines btw eyes. After completion said I had about 1/3... READ MORE

Clarification on Juvederm Before Pregnancy?

Hi there. I had 1syringe of Juvederm injected this week. I am not pregnant at the moment, but am going to start trying. Both my OB and my... READ MORE

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