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I Need to Find a Good Oculoplastic Surgeon in the Greater Washington DC Metropolitan Area?

I am two and a half months post juverderm filler being injected into the lower eyelids and am left with the tyndal effect and pillows under my eyes.... READ MORE

I had tear trough treatment (Juverderm) a month ago, but my eye bags are still there. Should I have a revision? (photo)

But my eye bags are still there. I think this is mainly due to blue veins that create more of a shadow. Should I have a revision or leave be? What can... READ MORE

How much tear trough filler? (photos)

I had 2 treatments of tear trough fillers (juvederm) and Im severelu unhappy w the results~ i still have the indentations AND under my eyes still... READ MORE

Can you get lip injection again after you have had dissolving enzyme injected? Is it bad for you? (Photo)

I recently got juvederm injected into my lips top & bottom approx 0.8ml. Next 2 days it seem like the product clumped together & cause lumps &... READ MORE

Unhappy with size of lip injections, do you have to pay again?

I had my lips injected with Juvederm. I used 1 syringe for both top and bottom and now a few days later my lips look small and not the results I... READ MORE

Can filler (Juvederm/Restylane) temporarily be used before revision rhino for a dent between bridge and tip? I'm Asian.

1st procedure was I-shaped silicone implant. 2nd, replaced w/ ear cartilage, bridge & tip. Looks natural now BUT bridge and tip uneven in height.... READ MORE

I'm 2 months post Juvederm and my mouth is still crooked. Can I have it fixed?

2 months ago I got 2 syringes of juvederm on the lower part of my face( around the mouth. Anyways then I got botox, but for those lines on my forehead... READ MORE

Is it okay to have Juverderm for parentheses lines 3 months before revision rhinoplasty surgery?

I had closed rhinoplasty in September/13. Now I’m scheduled to have a little touch up (revision) on the tip and bridge of my nose by the end of S... READ MORE

Why doesn't my filler last longer than 2 weeks? I was injected with Juvederm.

I have got my lips and cheeks injected for the 3th time and like the other 2 times my filler didn't last for longer than 2 weeks. I've been injected... READ MORE

A doctor injected juvaderm voluma on my nose. Should I be concerned about complications?

Juvaderm voluma was injected into my nose by a doctor a month after my rhinoplasty because my nose was extremely narrow. My rhinoplasty was dec 2013... READ MORE

How long should I wait for add Juvederm/restylane filler after removing L-shaped nose implant?

I just had rhino 4months ago(L-shaped implant for bridge+ear cartilage for tip) 2 months ago i bumped my nose and had to remove my implant (he didn't... READ MORE

Will my next attempt at lip filler feel any better than my 1st?

A few months back I had 1m of juvederm lip filler that was extremely painful. I then had bruising and lots of lumps in my lips that were extremely... READ MORE

Will my lips get as swollen the second time I get Juvederm injections?

I got juviderm about 2 1/2 months ago and I'm already thinking about my next session. However I'm curious if my lips will get as swollen the second... READ MORE

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