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Can the Result of Juvederm Be Reversed?

Can Juverderm Be Reverse if Not Done Properly,or the Result Looking Abnormal,especially when Done to the Eyes READ MORE

How long does it take to reserve Juvederm Voluma after the enzyme injection?

I had Juvederm Voluma injected two weeks ago, and thinking about reverse it because when I laugh, my entire cheek raise up so high, looks like I have... READ MORE

Can Fraxel Treatments Break Down Juvederm?

I had Juvederm and then Fraxel treatments and the Juvederm lasted less than 4 months. Is it possible that the Fraxel treatments played a role in... READ MORE

How to reverse side effects (headache, congestion , dizziness) of Juvederm?

5 weeks ago I had juvederm injectable fillers, 3 ultra plus around the nose and mouth and 1 voluma in my cheeks. A week later I started experiencing... READ MORE

6 weeks ago I had Juvederm filler around my cheek area and am horrified by the results. Is it possible to reverse this?

The Juvederm filler that was placed around my cheeks is uneven, has been from the first day. It seems to have even moved if that's possible during the... READ MORE

Juvederm duck lip after a week? (Photos)

I received juvederm a week ago today and my upper lip still appears to be "duck like". I feel as if it is hanging over my lower lip and from the sides... READ MORE

Juvederm bottom lip border overfilled? (photo)

I just got my bottom lip touched up with 0.4 Juvederm Plus. It has only been a few hours and I know from past experiences I am a sweller. I can see... READ MORE

Uneven lips: reverse or fill? (photos)

I had my lips injected with juvaderm last week. The swelling has come down massively but I am unhappy with the shape of my top lip. I'm not sure... READ MORE

Reversing long term results from Juvederm injections?

I had Juvederm injected into my cheeks a couple years ago and never liked how the higher cheeks made my eyes smaller; I waited and see if it would go... READ MORE

Reversing Juvederm lip injection. As stated in previous question, I had a Juvederm lip injection about 4 wks ago...

I'm considering Hylauronidase as results aren't what I wanted. Is it possible to partially reverse augmentation so that my lips stay bigger than they... READ MORE

Does this look like shingles? Staph? A Bad reaction/infection from all the trauma? Scared bc it's my face. (Photos)

Received juvederm 5 days ago. DR said lip might be blanching & hit artery. Injected with 5 needles of acid to reverse. Left side my lip & face... READ MORE

I had Juvederm lip injections approx 4 years ago. I don't like results. My lips are bigger than I wanted

Top lip is same size as bottom (used to be slightly smaller), & bottom lip is very slightly uneven to 1 corner (probably more noticeable to me than... READ MORE

Looking for a doctor in England, UK to reverse Juvederm in nose bridge

I had juvaderm injected to straighten nose bridge, it is very shiny in one area so I believe it may have been injected superficially, it sticks out... READ MORE

How to fix the increased asymmetry in my lips caused by old Juvederm that won't seem to dissolve? (Photo)

I startled getting juvederm/ juvederm+ in my upper lip at age 19, I stopped at 21, I am now 23 and after several attempts to dissolve the juvederm... READ MORE

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