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Juvederm in Lips 4 Days Ago, And not Happy With How They Look. How Long Til Swelling Goes Away To Do Reversal?

I had juverderm ultra xc in my lips 4 days ago. I am not happy with how they look as of rite now. How long till the swelling goes completely away and... READ MORE

Reverse Juvederm Effects?

Is there a reversal procedure for Juvederm? READ MORE

Does Hyaluronidase Work in Lips Injected with Juvederm? If So How Do You Dose It

Does Hyaluronidase Work in Lips Injected with Juvederm? If So How Do You Dose It READ MORE

Juvederm Correction?

Had had juvederm injected above the lip, in the lips, and at the corners of the mouth. My goals had been to get rid of the vertical lip lines. Also, I... READ MORE

How long should I wait to get fillers again after filler reversal with hyaluronidase? (photos)

I had Juvederm in the marionette lines last Nov. I suspect the filler wasn't deep enough as I had a blue tint that stayed for months. When the blue... READ MORE

I Have Had Juvaderm to Reshape my Nose and It Has Left Me with a Beak Nose?

I had a long nose with a bump, but now it looks a lot worse. what should i do? can the effects change if you massage it the same day you had it done.... READ MORE

Need Advice on Reversing Juvederm Nightmare?

Instead of injecting juvderm in he nasolabial fold, for some reason she loaded it next to it making my face puffy and my eye circles prominent. I... READ MORE

Looking for a Experienced MD in Mpls/St.Paul Area That Does Juvederm Reversals? I Have Bags Under my Eyes.

Looking for a Experienced MD in Mpls/St.paul Area That Does Juvaderm Reversals .I Have Bags Under my Eyes! READ MORE

Update and Question: I'm getting lip filler (Juvederm) reversed. How does it work? (Photo)

First, thanks very much to all the doctors that answered me on my first question. I have decided to get the juvederm reversed, my lip has not gone... READ MORE

Juvederm injected in my nose, what are my options to reversing it? What are the side effect of having it dissolved?

I had fillers into my nose tip to give it a slight lift & point. I have had it done before using a diff filler and I was happy with the results.I... READ MORE

I have a bag under my eye after juvederm. Will reversing the procedure help to get rid of it? (Photo)

I had juvederm under eyes(half a syringe) each eye and ended up with bluish Color and a bag. One week later no improvements so decided to go to a... READ MORE

I had dermal filler HA 2 days ago to naso labial fold. (photo)

I had dermal filler HA to my nasolabial folds 2 days ago, the injector is experienced and aspirated prior to each injection, there were no problems.... READ MORE

Reversal of Juvederm injections in tear tough? (photos)

Last November I got fillers near my eye troughs to help fill in my under eye hollows. However, the results were disastrous as I now have lumps around... READ MORE

Too much filler or still swollen? 1ml juvederm. (photos)

I had lip fillers Saturday today is Wednesday so it's day 4 I thought swelling would of gone now.. my lips are un even I have a M shaped lip (middle... READ MORE

Juvederm reversal w hylenex now I have a sack under my eye, what do I do? (Photo)

I had juverderm reversed bc after the injection about two weeks after - my eyes looks lumpy. Over the course of three weeks I had it reversed and now... READ MORE

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