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How Long Does It Take for Juvederm to Settle in? Mine Looks Awful 5 Days Post Injection!.

I had the injections friday and bruised slightly at injectin sites. i think too much product has been injected as the corner of one eye is really... READ MORE

Juvederm Injected in Nasolabial Folds, and Marionette Lines Appeared

I had Juvederm injected into my nasolabial folds, but now that area is more raised from being plumped up by the juverderm l find that the two shadows... READ MORE

Raised Line Where Juvederm Was Injected

I had Juvederm injected and I can feel the "line" raised up. Can it be smoothed out after injection, or is this the way it's supposed to be? READ MORE

Is the raised skin above my lip due to filler or is it due to having previous patch of dry skin in that area? (photos)

On the left side above my top lip my skin seems to be raised. In some lights I can see that it looks like a lump. It is not itchy or red. Previously I... READ MORE

Should I now be massaging above top lip to smooth out raised duck look appearance or too early?

I had Juvederm Filler above my lips to fill in the smokers lines, 5 days ago. The side that had the deepest lines is ok and not too raised, however... READ MORE

I had juvederm for deep laugh lines. Its in the wrong place and is a raised in a ridge/lump. Can I smooth it by pushing my skin

I had students inject juvederm into my laugh lines. I ended up with a long raised line along side of my laugh lines from top to bottom. I look twice... READ MORE

Is It Possible I Still Have Some Juvederm Left After a Year?

Back in May of 2010 I was injected with ArteFill in the chin, which resulted in a lump. I received a shot of Kenalog to dilate the lump, which left an... READ MORE

I have a raised ridge in my cheek, and a deep groove that goes to my eye. Is this from Juvederm, and can it be fixed? (photo)

I have gotten Juvederm in my nasolabial folds about once a year for the past few years. After my last treatment (about 6 months ago), I noticed that... READ MORE

Too much Juvaderm or too early to assess?

I had approx 3cc of Juvaderm in my right cheek to address facial symmetry, and corners of my mouth and perioral mounds . It's been 7 days and I'm not... READ MORE

Juvederm Ultra XC left me w a hard rigid raised area. It has been 5 days. My doc thinks it's still soft tissue swelling. (photo)

Two months ago I had a cystic pimple injected into a couple cysts on my cheeks. It was diluted to 3 mg however I ended up w a large dent in my cheek... READ MORE

I bruised badly after Juvederm injections in the tear troughs and still have a fluid "bubble" under my left eye after 4 months.

The injections were deep (to the cheek bones). My doc knew I was on blood thinners and the bruises were awful. This fluid raised up under the left eye... READ MORE

My lip is raised on one side after Juvederm. Is this swelling, or too much product? (Photo)

I had juvederm 48 hours ago and the left hand side of my top lip looks a little raised in profile. Where it's raised on top of my lip it looks white... READ MORE

Bumps after non surgical nose job using juvederm.

I had a top up treatment for a non surgical nose job where I may have been injected slightly too much juverderm causing bumps an raised areas in my... READ MORE

Juvederm in tear trough. Is it normal to have a raised area after 12 days where the injection was? (Photo)

Is it normal to have a raised area exactly where the injection was in the tear trough area. I also have numbing below my nose. Went back next day and... READ MORE

Is there ever a chance that having an area filled with Juvederm it will never go back to it's original state?

I had an indention in my forehead filled with Juvaderm several months ago, possibly even as long as a year ago. I had the physician use hyaluronidase... READ MORE

Recommended lip filler after previous nightmare? Left with raised mouth area, that stuck out in a pitch black room. (photo)

This was my lips after Juvederm Ultra; my self proclaimed 'monkey mouth' never faded after 6 months, thus I got the filler dissolved today. My... READ MORE

Belotero neck injections look lumpy, is this normal and when will they go away? (Photo)

Hi today I got 1 syringe of belotero to softer 2 superficial neck lines. It's been only 6 hrs but the lines now look like there's too much filler and... READ MORE

Swelling still present after non surgical nose job?

I initially had a non surgical nose job 4 weeks ago and then went in for a top up last week so it's been exactly 7 days since the top up an I had... READ MORE

I had juvederm filler around a year ago. I have woke up this morning with 2 lumps? (Photo)

Both lumps are on one side of the lip. They're slightly risen and red. What could this be? READ MORE

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