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What kind of lip procedure gives these bee-stung lips? (Photos)

I was scrolling through a website and came across a pretty actress, Dove Cameron. I noticed her lips looked unreal (the bottom lip actually looks... READ MORE

Do you have to be over 21 to have Juvederm lip fillers? (Photo)

I've been looking for a doctor to get lip injections done, but a lot of them say "over 21" in the description of if the procedure is right for you. I... READ MORE

Lips swollen after Juvederm injection, Day 2? (Photos)

Hi There! I just had my very first Juvederm injection done to the lips. My Doctor used 1/2 of a syrenge for the procedure. I woke up and my lips are... READ MORE

Should I have to stop evening primrose oil pills before lip injections? If so, for how long?

I take 2000 mg of primrose evening oil pills daily. It doesnt have omega 3's so I'm not sure if I have to stop taking them prior to my procedure or am... READ MORE

Should l seek medical help?

Hi there I have had juvederm voluma 6 days to upper cheeks. I have been feeling dizzy and light headed since the procedure and now have flu like... READ MORE

Should I still have wrinkles after having juvederm ultra?

I had this product under my eyes and above my top lip a week ago but I still have wrinkles and I look even older, I returned to my clinic and got them... READ MORE

One lower eyelid droopier than other? (photos)

One of my eyelids is much droopier than the other as shown in the picture (my left eye in the picture). I'm only 18 years old. What kind of procedure... READ MORE

Is the raise area around my mouth area a permanent thing after juvaderm lip filler? (Photo)

I had juvaderm injected into my lips 3 days ago; I now have a very raised surrounding mouth area (as shown in the picture) ad am worried that this may... READ MORE

Typical swelling 2 weeks after Juvederm Lip Injections using the cannula technic? (Photos)

One side of my lip still looks swollen. Is this Juvederm or does it look swollen? It has been 10 days since I have my procedure. I have had my lips... READ MORE

I had my lips filled with juvederm last year; lumps on my face, any advice? (Photos)

I had my lips filled with juverderm last year. I had extreme swelling for 2 weeks on one side and black all up my cheek looked as if I had ink on me.... READ MORE

Is it normal for the doctor to squeeze and pinch your face after injecting juvederm?

After the injection he pushed and squeezed and pinched my face at the injection site so hard that it hurt and after about ten minutes I asked him to... READ MORE

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