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Headaches After Filler for Temporal Hollows- Are They Related? What Can I Do?

I have recently had 1ml of juvederm 4 in my left temple area, and since about a week after I have been having persistent headaches. I don't know... READ MORE

Juvederm in Eye Trough Causing Sinus Issues and Blood Clot?

I had Juvederm injected into my tear trough over a week ago. Right when the procedure was being performed I experienced sinus pressure. I figured this... READ MORE

What is the length of time for a hematoma from nicked vein caused by juvederm voluma xc injection? Are there other concerns?

I had juvederm voluma xc 7 weeks ago that left a hematoma on my left side. The bruise has improved and is starting to fade and is smaller. But fell... READ MORE

Applying Pressure on Juvederm Immediately Following Injection?

I had a juvederm injection in my cheeks followed immediately by a Botox injection for my crow's feet. The nurse asked me to put pressure on the botox... READ MORE

Too Much? (Follow Up ?)

"Keep your hands away... do not press..." - Well, today (4/11/13) I had to go to the dentist for a tooth ache (front bottom) and found out I need to... READ MORE

Is It Normal to Feel Pressure Around Eyes After Filler Injection?

I had filler injected to my undereye area due to undereye hollow 2 days ago. Is it normal to feel pressure around the eyes along with mild headache? I... READ MORE

Can side effects from Juvaderm Ultra in cheek show up 6-10 days post injection?

I had 1 cc in each cheek on 10/31. Everything was fine. I had an additional .5 cc in each cheek on 11/21. No bruising or swelling. On 11/27 I woke up... READ MORE

BLocked head, right eye where more filler there are auras and more floaters/fuzzy lines. juvederm voluma, shall i take it out?

The doctor said to me that .05 filler in upper cheek will not affect eyes in anyway and there are no nerves connecting it...but since i have had this... READ MORE

About eight months ago I had Juvederm and ArteFill injected in my forehead between the brows, above the eyebrows, labial folds.

In the last two months I wake up with a very swollen face and much pressure around the forehead and eye area. The heaviness diminishes during the day... READ MORE

I had Juvederm injected in nasal labaloids 12 days ago along with my lip lines. I have had a constant pressure, pain and burning

This feeling of fullness and pressure with tingling and slight pain in the NL area has not subsided. I have some strange sensations in the lip line... READ MORE

Juvederm and discomfort. Any suggestions?

I posted a question a few days back about strange sensations with juvederm . Tingling, pressure, burning in nasal labaloids area and lips. My... READ MORE

Feel tender a month after Juvederm? (Photo)

I had juvederm injected almost a month ago in my NF she also done near my nose! The left side is still tender to touch and I feel a lot of tightness... READ MORE

Could my finger sucking habit affect my new lip fillers? (Photo)

I recently got Juvederm fillers in my upper and lower lip. I have a habit of sucking my finger at night to sleep. Could the pressure/weight of my... READ MORE

What is causing the thickening in the right nasal side of my nose since nose filler 7 months ago? (photos)

Ever since I've had 0.3ml of juvederm ultra three injected into my right alar I've seen a thickening in my skin in the mid and lower half of the right... READ MORE

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