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Too Much Juvederm in Lips? (Photos)

I just had Juvederm put into my lips and corners of my mouth. In reading, I see that most Dr.'s use 2 syringes max. This nurse injected 3 syringes... READ MORE

7 days after injections and my top lip is duck ish and sticks out over my bottom (photos)

So I went to get juvaderm xc in my lips 7 days ago. I asked for no duck lips and for them to be about even in size but still the traditional smaller... READ MORE

Why would my upper lip hold on to Juvederm for 16 months? I've done injections over 10 years, it has always disintegrated.

The last time I had Juvederm in was exactly 16 MONTHS ago. I was in tears. It was way over injected. After all this time it is still looking WAY over... READ MORE

Can Juvederm ultra 3 have permanent lasting effect on my nose shape due to stretching the dermis?

I am 3 months post-op in having 0.7ml Juvederm ultra 3 injected. I wanted to fix a tiny scar on my nostril but i was overfilled and injected in the... READ MORE

Overfill: How long to wait before I fix? 1 syringe today. Wanted subtle results. My doctor assured me 1 would be ok? (photo)

I was looking for results that wrnt obvious to those who know me- something that looked refreshing but not obvious. Immediately after injection I... READ MORE

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