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What Are the Risks of a Juvederm Nose Job?

I was recently told by the RN who does my laser hair removal that, Juvederm could be a good alternative to getting a nose job. Upon looking up side... READ MORE

Does Scar Tissue Develop over Juvederm

I had juvederm in my nose under a month after Rhinoplasty to correct a dip where scar tissue hadnt formed correctly. My Plastic surgeon said hopefully... READ MORE

Swelling Near Nose and Eye Area After Juvederm

I had Juvederm put in my nasolabial folds. I was swollen right after and Icould feel a bar of it on one side of my nose (above the nasolabial fold).... READ MORE

Shaping Nose After Juvederm Injection

I just had juvederm injection to my nose to give it volume and pointy tip...but i was wondering if i can give it more shape afterwards by myself at... READ MORE

Is Nose Swelling After Juvederm Injection Under the Eyes to Lessen Hollows Normal? (photo)

I had 15-20% of 1 Juvederm syringe injected into my eye area to lessen the hollows 5 days ago. The left side of my cheek and under eye had bruised and... READ MORE

Juvederm Under Eyes After Rhinoplasty?

I had Rhinoplasty a week ago and right now there is minor swelling under my eyes, as well as minor bruising that is yellowish in color. I wanted to... READ MORE

How to Remove Juvederm Nose Fillers?

How to Remove Juvederm Nose Fillers READ MORE

Veins and Reddish Nose After Juvaderm Ultra Plus Injection

I frequently have juvaderm ultra plus injected into my nose to give it definition as I have a flat nose bridge. Recently, I had half a syringe... READ MORE

What can I do about the deep scar between my eyes?

I have an indented scar from trauma that runs horizontally between my eyes. It makes me self conscious since I am young. A doctor once told me that... READ MORE

Juvederm Nose Nightmare?

I had juvederm injected near the tear troughs and upper lip. Since then nose has been swelling as well as the space between the upper lips and nose.... READ MORE

Is it ok to get Juvaderm ultra if I have flu?

Hi there, I am due to have Juvaderm ultra this afternoon for around my nasal folds and lips and for the last couple of days I've have a runny/blocked... READ MORE

I Had Juvederm In My Nose. It Moved to the Side of my Nose and I Want It Taken Away But Its Not Working? (photo)

I had an non-surgical rhynoplasty with Juvederm. The Juvederm moved to the side of my nose. It moved to the left side of my bridge and down the left... READ MORE

Can I Dissolve Juvederm in my Nose Tip?

I had Juvederm injected for nose dents and the filler has gone to the wrong place. My nose tip is bigger and longer with a square shate at the tip,... READ MORE

Will getting a hydrafacial a week after juvederm make the juvederm dissolve faster?

I recently got juvederm on my laughlines around my nose and on my lip I am getting a hydra facial in a week will it lessen the effect of juvederm or... READ MORE

Juvederm + water. If I drink a lot of water, will it add more volume?

I just got Juvederm injected into my nose. My nose isn't swollen. The doctor told me that I will see the final result after a few days to 1 week since... READ MORE

Juvederm Nose Job Disaster How Long to Dissappear?

Its been a year now and my nose still is not back to Normal . Dr shot juvederm Into tip . It still looks awful . Now the dr is saying that the... READ MORE

I Had Juvederm Injected in my Nose to Mouth Lines. Can I Use BHA Exfoliator and Cream with Retinol?

I had juvederm injected in my nose to mouth lines. I was wondering when can i start using BHA exfoliator and cream with retinol? I m a little bit... READ MORE

Juvederm was injected into the blood vessels in my nose and my nose turned purple. Any suggestions?

My nose and face turned purple. I had bleeding into my eye I was told the juvederm was too thick to draw back in the syringe so as to be able to check... READ MORE

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