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What Are the Risks of a Juvederm Nose Job?

I was recently told by the RN who does my laser hair removal that, Juvederm could be a good alternative to getting a nose job. Upon looking up side... READ MORE

Does Scar Tissue Develop over Juvederm

I had juvederm in my nose under a month after Rhinoplasty to correct a dip where scar tissue hadnt formed correctly. My Plastic surgeon said hopefully... READ MORE

Swelling Near Nose and Eye Area After Juvederm

I had Juvederm put in my nasolabial folds. I was swollen right after and Icould feel a bar of it on one side of my nose (above the nasolabial fold).... READ MORE

Shaping Nose After Juvederm Injection

I just had juvederm injection to my nose to give it volume and pointy tip...but i was wondering if i can give it more shape afterwards by myself at... READ MORE

Is Nose Swelling After Juvederm Injection Under the Eyes to Lessen Hollows Normal? (photo)

I had 15-20% of 1 Juvederm syringe injected into my eye area to lessen the hollows 5 days ago. The left side of my cheek and under eye had bruised and... READ MORE

Juvederm Under Eyes After Rhinoplasty?

I had Rhinoplasty a week ago and right now there is minor swelling under my eyes, as well as minor bruising that is yellowish in color. I wanted to... READ MORE

How to Remove Juvederm Nose Fillers?

How to Remove Juvederm Nose Fillers READ MORE

Veins and Reddish Nose After Juvaderm Ultra Plus Injection

I frequently have juvaderm ultra plus injected into my nose to give it definition as I have a flat nose bridge. Recently, I had half a syringe... READ MORE

What can I do about the deep scar between my eyes?

I have an indented scar from trauma that runs horizontally between my eyes. It makes me self conscious since I am young. A doctor once told me that... READ MORE

Is it ok to get Juvaderm ultra if I have flu?

Hi there, I am due to have Juvaderm ultra this afternoon for around my nasal folds and lips and for the last couple of days I've have a runny/blocked... READ MORE

Juvederm Nose Nightmare?

I had juvederm injected near the tear troughs and upper lip. Since then nose has been swelling as well as the space between the upper lips and nose.... READ MORE

Juvederm + water. If I drink a lot of water, will it add more volume?

I just got Juvederm injected into my nose. My nose isn't swollen. The doctor told me that I will see the final result after a few days to 1 week since... READ MORE

I Had Juvederm In My Nose. It Moved to the Side of my Nose and I Want It Taken Away But Its Not Working? (photo)

I had an non-surgical rhynoplasty with Juvederm. The Juvederm moved to the side of my nose. It moved to the left side of my bridge and down the left... READ MORE

Can I Dissolve Juvederm in my Nose Tip?

I had Juvederm injected for nose dents and the filler has gone to the wrong place. My nose tip is bigger and longer with a square shate at the tip,... READ MORE

Will getting a hydrafacial a week after juvederm make the juvederm dissolve faster?

I recently got juvederm on my laughlines around my nose and on my lip I am getting a hydra facial in a week will it lessen the effect of juvederm or... READ MORE

Juvederm Nose Job Disaster How Long to Dissappear?

Its been a year now and my nose still is not back to Normal . Dr shot juvederm Into tip . It still looks awful . Now the dr is saying that the... READ MORE

I Had Juvederm Injected in my Nose to Mouth Lines. Can I Use BHA Exfoliator and Cream with Retinol?

I had juvederm injected in my nose to mouth lines. I was wondering when can i start using BHA exfoliator and cream with retinol? I m a little bit... READ MORE

Juvederm was injected into the blood vessels in my nose and my nose turned purple. Any suggestions?

My nose and face turned purple. I had bleeding into my eye I was told the juvederm was too thick to draw back in the syringe so as to be able to check... READ MORE

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