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Which Needle Size is Used for Juvederm Voluma for Cheek Augmentation ?

Wich needle size is used for Juvederm voluma for cheek augmentation ? READ MORE

What is the Risk of Disease Transmission when Sharing a Syringe but Switching Needle?

I just recently had 1 syringe of juvederm ultra plus injected into my upper lip for fullness by an RN. Upon using the first syringe she said that I... READ MORE

Am I suppose to see needle marks by the 3rd day after Juvderm injections?

I am seeing the point of entry from each spot where the Juvderm was injected, and it is the third day. READ MORE

Do you get numbed before Juvederm? (photos)

Do you get numbed before? & I'm afraid of needles, how bad is the pain? Also, am I a good candidate? READ MORE

Are these needle marks in my upper lips from Juvederm injection 4 days ago permanent? (photos)

I have been injected with filler in my lips numerous times, with no complications. I went to a different plastic surgeon this last time around, who... READ MORE

Do doctors use special needle so they don't hit a vein when injecting Juvederm.

Does doctor use special needle so they don't hit a vein when injecting juvederm. READ MORE

Needle marks or bruising? (Photo)

Hello, I had Juvederm, last evening. My first time. Are these needle marks or bruising? If bruising, will it get worse or better from this point? I am... READ MORE

My doctor didn't use a blunt cannula to fill my temples w/ Juvederm, but w/ needles. The side are asymmetrical. Is this normal?

Instead he used a regular needle. Also the two sides seem asymmetrical. Is this normal just after being injected? READ MORE

Does getting a filler such as Juvederm scar, from the needle I mean?

I got a cortisone shot a while back and it left a scar from the injection is why I'm wondering. READ MORE

Can Juvederm be extracted with a needle 23 days after injections? Hyaluronidaseade is not a option me. (photos)

I have juvederm on my nasolabial and it's too much and giving me wrinkles on the sides plus look unatural. Can it be extracted with a neddle? I really... READ MORE

Lip fillers and scar tissue over time?

Is it preferable to have lips filled via needle or canula? And if you opt to have lip fillers once or twice a year over many years, can scar tissue... READ MORE

The two needle technique for lip augmentation with Juvederm, how frequent is this?

I went and got my lips done for the second time (with a different doctor each time) my injector started injecting a total of 1cc of juvederm but then... READ MORE

I have a vial or needle of Juvederm left, it had 2 needles in package one was used other hasn't been opened. Have I damage it?

Temperature of storage has not been consistent. Whole I was out of town in summer it was in drawer and air conditioning was up to 80 degrees then it... READ MORE

Puckered skin at needle site after under eye filler

The skin under my left eye is still puckered 4 months after juvederm. There is also a reddy brown discolouration around the area. Will these problems... READ MORE

I had lip augmentation done for the first time with an NP using Juvederm Ultra XC. Is the scar tissue from the needle permanent?

The nurse used the Juvederm needle, so when I had my lips plumped a 2nd time (6 mos. later) using Restylane Silk and the doctor used a blunt tip... READ MORE

Will these red marks on my lips from Juvederm go down? (Photo)

I'ts the 3rd time I've had Lip filer (Juvederm 0.5) injected in my top lip, the first time was fine, the second time I found I had 3 small needle... READ MORE

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