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How Does Juvederm (And Other Fillers) Work?

Please could you explain how Juvederm (and fillers in general) work - is it by: A)The filler substance that's injected into the area... READ MORE

Should I Put Juvederm in Vermillion Border on my Lips, or Would That Create Fake, Unnatural Look? (photo)

I already had juvederm done about 2 months ago, and even after procesure i felt like I wanted upper lip just a little bit bigger.This is my 2nd time... READ MORE

How Long for Juvederm Swelling to Go Down for Lines on Sides of Mouth?

I had juvederm injected to the lines on the sides of my mouth...I feel SLIGHTLY like a chipmunk. Not bad as the lines I can still feel swelling and... READ MORE

What's the best lip injection technique?

I'm interested in Jeverdum for my lips. After researching I noticed a lot of docs seem to prefer to inject the vermillion only which seems to give an... READ MORE

Is 1 syringe of juvederm the average amount for lips? (Photo)

I've never gotten then done before. Would 1 syringe of juvederm be enough? I want them to look natural.... If 1 syringe is TOO much could I also use... READ MORE

Is my top lip bigger and protruding? (Photo)

I had my lips injected with juvederm 2 days ago. Had some slight swelling that is better today. I am concerned my top lip looks bigger than my bottom... READ MORE

What is the best material for lip injections?

I heard juvaderm works well, what is the difference between juvaderm ulta and ultra plus? How can I avoid looking like a duck? I would love natural... READ MORE

How many mls of Juvederm should I get for my first time? (photos)

I'm planning to get juvederm fillers but since it's my first time and I'm aiming for a natural look and not some kind of a duck shaped disaster, I... READ MORE

Could Juvederm make my lips more even ? (photos)

Hi it looks like my right side is not as full as my right side and I would like to k ow if a little bit of juvederm could make it more even and nicer... READ MORE

Can a filler - such as juvederm change my smile shape? And will it look natural?

When my face is relaxed, my mouth looks slightly frowny..and when I smile, my mouth is straight. I would love to have a natural, turned up smile. I... READ MORE

Juvederm for lips? (photos)

I know my lips are a good shape and size, however, I'd like to add more volume or pout to them while maintaining a natural look. Would I benefit from... READ MORE

Juvederm swelling - how much smaller will my lips go from day two? (Photo)

I had Juvederm injected into my lips yesterday for the first time. I had asked her to make it as natrual as possible so she did less than half a ml on... READ MORE

Should I get juvederm?

How much should I get to look natural? I am very scared I will look different and it will be permanent . How much should I get and could I just get... READ MORE

How much of juvaderm I need to enhance corners of my lips? (photo)

I would like to only enhance my lips so that they still look natural. How much of juvaderm I should put in? My lips are full but sometimes the corners... READ MORE

I've convinced myself to get lip fillers! I need recommendations and advice on a few things. (photos)

I want fillers. I've been doing research on a few things . I want my lips to still look natural/ other words...the opposite of kylie jenner.... READ MORE

My lips got too big with 2 syringes of Juvederm ultra XC; do my lips look like they are swollen? (Photos)

Had lips injected with 2 syringes of Jevederm ultra xc 3 days ago and I feel they are to big and not natural looking. I am not happy because I feel... READ MORE

Can I get my lips done on wednesday and my jaw (botox due to grinding) 2 days later? (Photo)

Hello I have booked an appointment for my lip augmentation on wednesday. (Picture attached, how much juvederm would you recommend for a natural... READ MORE

After juvederm lip injection, will it be okay? (photos)

Hi, i m 21 and got my lip injection just in my upper lip and 1/2 cc with juvederm ultra 4. I m really unhappy and scared that if I have a duck lips or... READ MORE

What's the difference between Juvederm ultra 2, 3, 4 and Juvederm smile?

Are the end results different, do they last longer etc? I've had juvederm ultra 3 use in my lips one before and the results were satisfactory as I... READ MORE

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