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How Does Juvederm (And Other Fillers) Work?

Please could you explain how Juvederm (and fillers in general) work - is it by: A)The filler substance that's injected into the area... READ MORE

Should I Put Juvederm in Vermillion Border on my Lips, or Would That Create Fake, Unnatural Look? (photo)

I already had juvederm done about 2 months ago, and even after procesure i felt like I wanted upper lip just a little bit bigger.This is my 2nd time... READ MORE

What's the best lip injection technique?

I'm interested in Jeverdum for my lips. After researching I noticed a lot of docs seem to prefer to inject the vermillion only which seems to give an... READ MORE

How Long for Juvederm Swelling to Go Down for Lines on Sides of Mouth?

I had juvederm injected to the lines on the sides of my mouth...I feel SLIGHTLY like a chipmunk. Not bad as the lines I can still feel swelling and... READ MORE

Is 1 syringe of juvederm the average amount for lips? (Photo)

I've never gotten then done before. Would 1 syringe of juvederm be enough? I want them to look natural.... If 1 syringe is TOO much could I also use... READ MORE

Can a filler - such as juvederm change my smile shape? And will it look natural?

When my face is relaxed, my mouth looks slightly frowny..and when I smile, my mouth is straight. I would love to have a natural, turned up smile. I... READ MORE

Is my top lip bigger and protruding? (Photo)

I had my lips injected with juvederm 2 days ago. Had some slight swelling that is better today. I am concerned my top lip looks bigger than my bottom... READ MORE

How many mls of Juvederm should I get for my first time? (photos)

I'm planning to get juvederm fillers but since it's my first time and I'm aiming for a natural look and not some kind of a duck shaped disaster, I... READ MORE

What is the best material for lip injections?

I heard juvaderm works well, what is the difference between juvaderm ulta and ultra plus? How can I avoid looking like a duck? I would love natural... READ MORE

Could Juvederm make my lips more even ? (photos)

Hi it looks like my right side is not as full as my right side and I would like to k ow if a little bit of juvederm could make it more even and nicer... READ MORE

Juvederm swelling - how much smaller will my lips go from day two? (Photo)

I had Juvederm injected into my lips yesterday for the first time. I had asked her to make it as natrual as possible so she did less than half a ml on... READ MORE

Would lip injections be a good fit for me? (Photo)

Here's the funny thing. I love the shape and size of my lips when they are closed, but when I smile with my teeth my lips get so thin that it looks... READ MORE

Juvederm for lips? (photos)

I know my lips are a good shape and size, however, I'd like to add more volume or pout to them while maintaining a natural look. Would I benefit from... READ MORE

Should I get juvederm?

How much should I get to look natural? I am very scared I will look different and it will be permanent . How much should I get and could I just get... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for lip fillers? (Photo)

I want natural looking bigger lips to suit my face shape, what would you recommend I ask my doctor to do to achieve this? I would like to use Juvaderm READ MORE

First time lip fillers, help. Will this go down more in the next couple of days?

I just got lip fillers(juvederm) for the first time and my mouth/lips is still numb, I do not like them at all right now they look duckish, too big... READ MORE

My lips got too big with 2 syringes of Juvederm ultra XC; do my lips look like they are swollen? (Photos)

Had lips injected with 2 syringes of Jevederm ultra xc 3 days ago and I feel they are to big and not natural looking. I am not happy because I feel... READ MORE

What's the difference between Juvederm ultra 2, 3, 4 and Juvederm smile?

Are the end results different, do they last longer etc? I've had juvederm ultra 3 use in my lips one before and the results were satisfactory as I... READ MORE

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