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Will I see a difference with 0.5 ml Juvederm lip filler? (photos)

I am having Juvederm lip filler next week and I'm still undecided whether to get 0.5ml or 1ml, I still want my lips to look natural but also full. My... READ MORE

Did I have necrosis? Am I being paranoid? Did I loose any natural collagen in my lip border/body by having fillers? (Photo)

I had some bruising after my lips fillers. The doctor used a HA based filler and told me there may be brusing. I worried I may have had necrosis.... READ MORE

Metabolization of Superficially Placed Juvederm Under Eye?

I believe the juvederm I have received was placed too superficially under my eye. I'm extremely worried about receving hyaluronidase to dissolve... READ MORE

Do Lip Fillers compromise your natural lips in any way?

I.e. I've never had filler or anything done to my mouth/lips. I want a filler (like Juvederm), which is compatible with my body in order for natural... READ MORE

Can a facial brush (Clarasonic) cause facial pain in area filled with Juvederm?

I received Juvederm in my cheek area. The Dr. said it would be a natural way to minimize smile lines. I've never filler in these areas. It's been a... READ MORE

White lips after Juvederm,is it normal? Would you use Juvederm around the lips instead of into it? (photos)

I was concerned about vertical lines around my mouth and my thin lips. I had 1 syringe of Juvedern ultra injected around the lips using a canula. He... READ MORE

Does Juvederm promote natural collagen production (lips)?

Hi there! I decided to book myself in for Juvederm .5ml (as I thought I'd start small - being a first-timer!). In your expert opinion, with... READ MORE

Juvederm or Belotero for eye hollows? (photos)

Which one last longer and gives a more natural result? READ MORE

Juvederm puffy eyes one month later after just using a steroid pac & it's not working, no infection just puffy. Inflamzyme??

I just read something about a doctor who had a patient w/puffy eyes from juvederm & he told her to use inflamzyme or maybe pineapple to help with the... READ MORE

I would love to have fuller lips! What are the options? (Photos)

My lips have always been on the thin side and with age they look worse. I would love them to look naturally fuller but I am afraid I will end up with... READ MORE

Do you have to be over 21 to have Juvederm lip fillers? (Photo)

I've been looking for a doctor to get lip injections done, but a lot of them say "over 21" in the description of if the procedure is right for you. I... READ MORE

I had 1cc of Juvederm injected into my lips yesterday and absolutely hate how they look?

Where should I ask for the dissolver to be placed so that I can have a more natural shape but still keep filler in my lips? Can I just partially... READ MORE

Lips are uneven 5 days after Juvederm- swelling or too much filler in the right side? When talking my face looks drooped.

I got my lips enhanced with 1ml of Juvederm on Mon-it is now Fri and I still look uneven and like a duck. I'm not sure if it is just the natural shape... READ MORE

Hard Lumpy lips after 3 days, is this just swelling? (Photos)

I had 1ml of Juvederm injected (my second time of getting this procedure) the first time my lips looked natural, this time they still seem to be hard,... READ MORE

Will I get my natural hyaluronic acid back if it dissolved or is there more juvederm?

In February I had 0.2 cc of juvederm injected near my nose alar to align my nostril to the other. dissolved it with hyaluronidase 3 times. The first... READ MORE

Could anyone please tell me how long will Juvederm dissolve naturally from my upper eyelid?

Two months ago, Juvederm was injected to my temples and spreaded to the corners of my upper eyelid. It caused several problems. I would not want... READ MORE

How many syringes would I need of Juvederm to achieve a natural fuller pout? (photos)

I have posted pictures of the look I might like to achieve. I also posted pictures of my lips now. I don't want to look un-natural, but would like a... READ MORE

Post juvederm asymmetry and bumpiness or swelling?

I received one syringe of juvederm 3 days ago and still notice significant swelling and asymetry and lumpiness in addition to bruising (which I... READ MORE

What is the best way to remove a bump and smooth a divot on my lip after fillers? (Photos)

I had juvederm plus lip fillers approximately two weeks ago. I have two areas that are very distorted. My physician suggested massage only to absorb... READ MORE

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