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Juvederm or Other Filler for Parentheses Around Mouth?

I am going to get Juvederm injected in the "parenthesss" around my mouth. My dermatologist recommended it specifically, but after reading the above... READ MORE

How Long Does Pain Last After Juvederm Injections?

I had 1cc of juvederm divided evenly to my smile lines 13 days ago. The inital pain was fine but now I still have discomfort. Is this normal? READ MORE

Should Juvederm Be Injected Directly into Marionette Lines?

My dermatologist told me that Juvederm should be injected alongside my marionette lines instead of directly into them. The result was good, and it... READ MORE

Red Bruise at Juvederm Injection Site - Will This Go Away?

I had juvederm injected last night into the nasolabial folds and corners of my mouth. Right after I had swelling. Woke up this morning also with the... READ MORE

Puffy areas at the sides of my mouth? (photos)

Recently I have been noticing that I have puffiness around my mouth that is quite prominent in certain light. I'm not quite sure how it's happened, am... READ MORE

Swelling and Discoloration 3 Weeks Post Juvederm

I had bruising after injection that went away. Now it looks lumpy and I have reddish bluish areas going down at the inner corners of my mouth. This is... READ MORE

Real Pain with Juvederm Injections Around Mouth. Can This Be Avoided?

Rate it right up there with getting a Tat! Hesitant to do it again tho I like the results. What can help me. Thanks! READ MORE

Juvederm Lumps the Next Day. Should I Massage it?

I had juvederm injected at the lower corners of my mouth for drooping; next day and i have lumps on the inside of my mouth at both injection sites... READ MORE

How to Fix Uneven Lips After Juvederm?

Due to wrinkles around my mouth, I had Juvederm filler by a "competent" dermatologist. Now, one side of my upper lip is narrower than the... READ MORE

How Long for Juvederm Swelling to Go Down for Lines on Sides of Mouth?

I had juvederm injected to the lines on the sides of my mouth...I feel SLIGHTLY like a chipmunk. Not bad as the lines I can still feel swelling and... READ MORE

Will Juvederm Lip Enhancement Create Lines Around Mouth?

Is There a Risk of Creating Lines Around the Mouth After a Lip Enhancement with Juvederm Once the 'Fuller' Effect Wears Off? I'm 49, no... READ MORE

Juvederm or Radiesse for Lines Around Mouth?

Would you recommend Juvederm or Radiesse for lines around mouth, for bottom lip definition and lines between the nose and top lip?   READ MORE

3.5 Years Later Juvederm Ultra Won't Go Away? (photo)

Badly placed Juvederm at the corners of my mouth took away my smile 3.5 years ago. Literally I could barely smile it would push hard into my cheeks.... READ MORE

Good Idea to Have Juvederm 3 Weeks Before an Important Event?

I have an appointment to have juvederm for the first time around the corners of my mouth 3 weeks before my daughters wedding. Is this too close to... READ MORE

Will Juvederm Work on Shallow Wrinkles?

I have significant nasolabial lines not just to my mouth, but down past my lips. I went to a local plastic surgeon, paid my $500 only to see... READ MORE

I Had Juvederm 2 Days Ago Around the Corners of my Mouth and Saliva is Pooling in Corners of my Mouth. Will This Go Away?

I Had Juvederm 2 Days Ago Around the Corners of my Mouth and Saliva is Pooling in Corners of my Mouth.   Will This Go Away? READ MORE

Juvederm 3 - Uneven Results

I had Dermal fillers 4 weeks ago in the lines at the sides of my mouth. one side seems to have disapeared and one side is a hard lump.It also feels... READ MORE

Redness Will Not Go Away from Injection Area After Juvederm 1 Week?

I had Juvederm injected 1 week ago around my mouth. I have had radiesse in that area and never bruised, never had bumps, no problems. I have no bumps,... READ MORE

Dissolve Filler or Wait?

Hello, almost three months ago I had Juvederm injected around mouth and smile lines. It looked bumpy and uneven so I had some of it dissolved. It... READ MORE

Had Juvederm Around My Mouth 1 Weeks Ago and Have Bruising and Lumps; Did Something Go Wrong?

I had juvederm injections around my mouth one week ago and feel as though something may be wrong. I still have bruising and I also have some lumps in... READ MORE

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