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How Can I Metabolize Juvederm Faster?

Female. 23 yo. Had juvederm injections in lips 2 months ago and procedure was botched. Ended up with asymmetry + two small lumps. Don't feel... READ MORE

Can Exercise Metabolize the Effects of Juverderm?

I had Juvederm in my lips a year ago with a repeated injection about a month later and the results both times lasted no more than 4 weeks. This past... READ MORE

Will Losing Weight Make Juvederm Metabolized Faster?

I'm getting Juvederm for my tear trough area and along my cheekbones. I also have 10 pounds I'd like to lose. Will dieting and exercise after getting... READ MORE

Do some people metabolize Juvederm injections faster than others such as in my case?

I had juvederm injections on lip lines and marionette lines. Within 1 month the results were noticeably diminished; the nurse agreed that the results... READ MORE

Juvederm & Restylane don't work on me. Lips remain plump & swollen for 1 day & then go back to normal! Am I metabolizing it?

This only refers to injections in my lips. Why is this happening? What other product/injection should I try? I've seen nurse injectors, doctors, and... READ MORE

Would taking weight loss pills make my Juvederm lip fillers metabolize faster?

I got juvederm lip fillers and I have a slow metabolism so I take weightloss pills to hell me loose weight will taking the pills make the juvederm... READ MORE

Are there negative consequences to using temporary derma fillers?

I'm considering Juvaderm but concerned that once it is metabolized and wears off, it will have made my face worse than before using it. I'm concerned... READ MORE

4th syringe of Juvederm from May 21-August (Photo)

My lips were never thin just uneven/no volume.After the 1st syringe it was still uneven 9 days later I got another, they looked amazing for a month... READ MORE

Juvederm gone after 5 days?

I got juvederm on Friday and it is Tuesday. My lips are already going back to normal! What are my options if my body metabolizes the product so quickly? READ MORE

Lip injections not lasting more than a month?

My lip injections have not lasted more than a month both times I have gotten them done. I'm wondering if I am not a candidate for lip fillers? I have... READ MORE

Juvederm Ultra three injected in nose, how long for it to metabolise and will scar tissue form? Is Hyaluronidase an option?

I had juvederm ultra 3 injected over a month ago to improve a nostril scar. He injected 0.7ml and it went along the side of nose causing a lump. He... READ MORE

Juvederm grade 4 metabolizing quickly

I've had 3 syringes of Juvederm grade 4 injected into my upper cheeks to get rid of depressions. After 1 month the filler is gone as verified by my... READ MORE

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