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After Juvederm is Injected, Should You Massage or Press it out?

At injection the doctor does the initial "sculpturing". If after a few days the swelling has gone down and you see a bump. Can mild pressure... READ MORE

Massaging Lumps After Juvederm?

I had Juverderm injected in my lips on Saturday (today is Tuesday) and I have a noticeable lump on the inside of my upper lip. I have begun massaging... READ MORE

Massage Juvederm Injection Lump?

I had my "laugh lines" injected with Juvederm yesterday. Although there was no bruising, I got a noticeable lump on the left side close to... READ MORE

How Can I Minimize Bruising from Juvederm?

It's been 5 days since my Juvederm injections. There was not much bruising afterwards, however on the 3rd day, the area next to my nose, around the... READ MORE

Best Technique to Massage Juvederm into Place?

I had Juvederm in my nasolabial folds three days ago and on one side, the substance is not in the actual wrinkle trough, but just to the side of it.... READ MORE

OK to Touch my Face After Juvederm?

After Juvederm injections, is it standard practice to massage the injected area, or am I supposed to avoid touching my face? The reason I ask is the... READ MORE

Juvederm Lumps the Next Day. Should I Massage it?

I had juvederm injected at the lower corners of my mouth for drooping; next day and i have lumps on the inside of my mouth at both injection sites... READ MORE

I Massaged Lumps in Lower Lip from Juvederm Now my Lip is Huge. Why?

Roughly two weeks ago i had juvederm injected in both my upper and bottom lips. Since then I had problems with my upper lip.. one side was bigger than... READ MORE

How to get rid of lumps in lip after Juvederm Ultra 1/2 syringe injection? (Photo)

I had juvederm ultra (1/2 syringe) injected into my top lip 3 days ago by a technician. I can see and feel these hard pea size lumps and when I talk... READ MORE

Can Under Eye Juvederm Affect Lymphatic Drainage in the Face?

Can Juvederm under the eyes can hinder normal lymphatic drainage in the undereye and surrounding area? I get monthly lymphatic drainage sessions to... READ MORE

Bruising and Lumps After Juvederm

I finally decided to get some filler After having the juvederm on my cheek to fill a line caused by dimples i had a very long bruise following the... READ MORE

Massage to Speed Up Juvederm Absorbtion?

How do I speed up the absorpbtion of Juvederm if I feel it is too much? I only had it done yesterday but I have a great big blood blister on the... READ MORE

After Ten Months, Can a Juvederm Lump Be Disolved by Massage?

I have a lump in my top lip from juvederm I had injected ten months ago. The rest of the filler dissolved after two weeks. My practitioner assures me... READ MORE

Massaging After Juvederm

Can massaging 10 days after a Juvederm injection help with the Tyndall effect? Does massaging increase the rate at which the Juvederm dissolves? I had... READ MORE

Will Massage/ Intentional Movement Help Dissipate Juverderm in Lips?

I don’t’ want to do hyaluronidase to remove it. I called the nurse and she said to leave it. She also told me NOT to massage it due to... READ MORE

Should I Massage my Cheeks After Juvederm?

Just got juvederm voluma injected into cheeks. Been about 12 hrs. Quite a bit more bruising on 1 side than the other. I can feel the juvederm under... READ MORE

Did I Mess Up my Juvederm?

I had one syringe injected into my nasolabial folds today. About an hour after my injection, my friend, who has had juvederm several times at the same... READ MORE

Massaging and Molding Juvederm Lips. Have I Ruined my Lips?

I had Juverderm injected into my upper and lower lips. As my doc molded and smoothed my lips I could have sworn he told me I could do the same as long... READ MORE

Should I Massage the Lumps the First Day I Get Juvederm?

I just got Juvaderm today and have noticed a few lumps. The doctor told me I'd have swellling. I had a pretty big lump on my forehead, between my eyes... READ MORE

How long after having Juvederm do you need to not massage or rub the area?

Ive had Juvederm on my mouth lines, nasal lines and some on my frown lines. The dr said that I need to avoid pressing too hard for around 2 days when... READ MORE

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