Loose Skin + Juvederm

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Is filler safe for the areas under the cheeks for loose skin around the chin? (photos)

Hi, I had juvederm voluma for my cheeks which I love. you can see when I smile the cheeks looks nice. When I do not smile, there are pockets around... READ MORE

I Would Be Very Grateful for Advice on the Definition Loss/Sagging Sking Around my Mouth/jowl Area? (photo)

I feel is quite bad for my age of 35, and it started around aged 29. I've had fillers in various places, with varying degrees of success.... READ MORE

Can Juvederm Leave Skin Saggy and Loose After It Dissolves?

I received juvederm voluma in the temples. My temples were very concave and now they are very full. I don't have any lumps or bumps but my temples are... READ MORE

What should I expect with Fillers under eyes- can it fill baggy loose skin?

The dr that did my Botox suggested fillers under the eyes. I have a little baggy loose skin and dark circles and "hollows" I guess is what you would... READ MORE

If I Take These Juvederm Frequently, Will my Skin Get Loose?

I am 50 years old.... I just took one juviderm injection recently . I have a swelling which I know will stay for days . READ MORE

Is there anything that can be done after having antidote for juvederm eye trough injection? My eyes are worse (Photo)

Hi I had juverderm eye trough injections about 7 months ago and they were badly swollen and had purple blush that wouldn't go , I had the antidote for... READ MORE

Why has Juvederm made my skin loose and face droopy and hollow?

I had a sudden weight gain/edema in my face so I asked a doctor why my cheeks are so big d he recommended juvederm (didn't need volume) saying is... READ MORE

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