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What Are the Effects of Using Juvederm over a Long Time?

If I have my lips injected with juvederm ultra xc every few months (as the product gradually wears out but not completely)over a lifetime, is it... READ MORE

Have You Ever Heard of Swelling from a Juviderm Injection Occuring Years Later Unexpectedly?

I experienced excessive swelling from a Juviderm injection in my face initally about 4-5 years ago. I was only injected in the lower part of my face... READ MORE

Juvederm Ultra Alternatives?

I've been using Juvederm ultra 3 and like the result but it just doesn't last. Three months seem to be the maximum amount of time it lasts. Is there... READ MORE

Juvederm Fillers for Lips

I have been receiving juvederm lip fillers for over 8 years now only 1cc per year to add volume to my lips. Just recently I have noticed that the... READ MORE

Is It Safe to Use Juvederm or Restylane (Tear Trough Region) for Many Years?

Hello! I had rhinoplasty 3 months ago & now have noticeable hollows under my eyes. I expressed my concerns to my PS, and he discussed fat transfer... READ MORE

Is It Tyndall Effect or Natural Pigmentation of my Skin? (photo)

I had juvederm injected under my eyes 10 days ago. only a very slight oedem which resolved the day after. But I see that my skin is bluish, so I'm... READ MORE

Looking for non-surgical fix for a tear trough. Any suggestions?

I'm looking for some guidance regarding treatment of my moderate tear through. While surgery is not an option for me, I've heard that I could benefit... READ MORE

How can marionette lines at 23 years old be less visible? Would filler help or deepen on the long-term the creases?

I feel like Juvederm would fill the lines but make my skin heavy and on the long-run cause even deeper wrinkles. I am not sure wither filler from... READ MORE

Long term side effect of Juvederm? (photos)

What is the long term side effect of keep injecting Juvederm over years? I have seen people after years of filler injection at the chin, they started... READ MORE

Severe inflammatory response to Juvaderm ultra. (photos)

I had a severe juvaderm ultra inflammatory response in September 2015 to cheeks ( filler was done in July 2015) had to dissolving injections on the... READ MORE

What will lips look like after Juvederm or Restylane wears off? (photo)

Hy I have 2 questions. So I want to get my lips done but im not sure what would be a good idea for me, if to get Restylane or Juvederm? Second is if i... READ MORE

Juvaderm Voluma Cheek Injection Questions. (photos)

I'm early 30's, with flat cheeks. Thinking of Juvaderm Voluma in cheeks to add contour near the temple from front view and slight shadow around cheek... READ MORE

Reversing long term results from Juvederm injections?

I had Juvederm injected into my cheeks a couple years ago and never liked how the higher cheeks made my eyes smaller; I waited and see if it would go... READ MORE

I want to get Juvederm injections in my lips but am concerned about long term effects on my lips. (Photo)

I want kylie jenner lips but whats the long term effects? Will my lips lose they're natural volume after injections stop? What is the most that can be... READ MORE

Does Juvederm have long-term side effects? Is it easy to dissolve if you're not happy with results?

What are Juvederma long term side effects and is it easy to dissolve if not happy with results? It been 48 hours from my appointment, I had a small... READ MORE

Long term hyperpigmentation in inner lip possibly from Juvederm? (Photos)

I got Juvederm in my lip over a year ago. There's still fillers in my top lip settled in inner lip. 2 months ago added more juverderm to my BOTTOM LIP... READ MORE

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