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Juvederm Vs Radiesse

I'm very interested in a volumizing filler around my jawline and still deciding between the two. I was told over the phone that Juvederm can last 6-12... READ MORE

Juvederm Ultra Alternatives?

I've been using Juvederm ultra 3 and like the result but it just doesn't last. Three months seem to be the maximum amount of time it lasts. Is there... READ MORE

Lip filler are not lasting long enough. What would you recommend?

Since last December I have had 5 lots of juverderm filler and after a couple of weeks they go down . I was told juverderm lasts about 9 months .... READ MORE

How Can I Get Permanent Results From Juvederm?

Hi Doctor , I Am 26 Year Old and Have Hollow Eye Since I Was 19. Recently i got juvederm filler injected in my eye i am not seeing any side effect .I... READ MORE

Can Taking Oral Hyaluronic Acid Prolong my Juvederm Treatment?

I love my lips after my juvederm treatment but I seem to metabolize it quickly. Theoretically, could taking an oral HA supplement improve the... READ MORE

Juvederm cleft chin injections. How long will it last?

I had a pretty deep cleft chin, there wasn't a dimple but more of a dent. I had injections of juvederm to get it less noticible and it's been about 3... READ MORE

I had my lips injected with juvederm ultra 1 1/2 syringes.How much is swelling how much will stay? (Photo)

I had my lips injected with juvederm ultra on April 21st with 1 syringe then again May 1st with 1/2 syringe. I love the way my lips look now but I'm... READ MORE

How long does Juvederm last? Is there a product that is more long lasting than Juvederm?

I am age 63 and have marionet lines that are deep. I also noticed that I am developing jowels! I am diabetic and use oral medication to control it. I... READ MORE

Juvederm vs. Restylane?

I'm curious which is better for the lines around the mouth. Juvederm or Restylane? Which lasts longer? READ MORE

How Long Will Under Eye Filler Last? (photo)

I had filler put under my eye and was instantly pleased with the results. A year and a half on and there appears to be slight bags appearing over the... READ MORE

What is better for minor acne scars; Juvederm or Radiesse? (photos)

I have some minor acne scar indentation along my jawline on both sides of my chin. I want something That provides great volume and is long lasting.... READ MORE

Ultra Plus XC or Voluma?

I'm 33 with naso labial folds & tear troughs. The last time I did Juvederm Ultra, it lasted 6 mnths. The same doc suggested I do a voluma (1 syringe)... READ MORE

What is the differences between Juvederm, Restylane and Radiesse?

I had radiesse injection on my nose about 10 months ago, my dr was telling me it could last me for a year or more, but it only last 3 months on me,... READ MORE

Can Juvederm injected along cheekbone last longer that 2 years?

Hi, I had juvaderm injected twice (3 Months Apart) in the same location which was along the cheekbone to enhance definition. This was about 27 Months... READ MORE

Can you get 1cc syringe of juvederm ultra, followed two weeks later by juvederm ultra plus to add to the lips? (Photo)

Hi! I recently got 1.0 syringe of juvederm ultra. My lips still arent as plump as i wanted. So, I decided to schedule consultation with a different... READ MORE

Filler lasted 5 years between eyes so I had it removed. How can it have lasted so long ?

Hey I got juvederm 5 years ago between eyes it was still there after all this time I got the juvederm antidote done last week and it melted it all... READ MORE

Juvederm smile only lasted 3 weeks. Should I have had it done again 2 weeks after?

Hi, i got juvederm smile 3 weeks ago and my lips went straight back down to hoq they were before. I got 1m . Ive never had it before and am pretty... READ MORE

Which would you recommend; Restylen or Juvederm for lips?

I am planning to have my lips done next week. My doctor have both option Restylen and Juvederm. Which one is better last longer for lips? READ MORE

Why is a y lift supposed to last so long?

If a y lift is with juvederm, what makes it last 2 years? Could some of the same reaults be achieved with readiesse? READ MORE

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