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Is Juvederm for Lips Painful?

I went a couple days ago to get my lips plumped up with Juvederm. The MD applied a topical anesthetic and then proceded to give a local one like you... READ MORE

Hyaluronic acid filler during breastfeeding?

I Know the risk related to Injections in general and that the lidocaine is the anestetic that is included into fillers that is dangerous for my baby,... READ MORE

Can you get juvederm or any lip filler without the use of any lidocaine/numbing agent?

I have long QT syndrome so I am advised to stay away from lidocaine. There are no issues with hyaluronic acid though. I have extreme pain tolerance,... READ MORE

Does Juvederm with the XC Numbing Agent Have Less Actual Filler in the Syringe?

Does Juvederm with the XC numbing agent have less actual filler in the syringe because there is also lidocaine in that syringe? If that is the case, I... READ MORE

Mixing Juvederm Ultra Plus with 0.1% lidocaine and 1: 10,000 epinephrine. Pros and cons?

I know some doctors like to mix Juvederm ultra plus (since it is thicker than perlane or juvederm ultra) to 0.1% lidocaine and 1: 10,000 epinephrine... READ MORE

I had Juverderm with lidocaine in my nasiolabal lines, this appeared initially much redder and inflamed. Is this normal?

I had some Juverderm with lidocaine in my nasiolabal lines, this appeared initially much redder and inflamed looking than previous treatment with... READ MORE

Why is only my top lip extremely swollen, bruised blue and bleeding red under the skin after Juvaderm lip injections? (photos)

I had lip injections of only 1 syringe each tine in both January & March, both times with a dental block. Yesterday I went somewhere else & got 2... READ MORE

Why Juvederm Voluma issues 4 weeks after treatment?

1. Dr struggled getting it in with cannula on left cheek, painful and uncomfortable. Dr said suffering from "deep skin trauma". It is still a little... READ MORE

Adding more lidocaine to Juvederm voluma?

I have a very low pain tolerance, even though juvederm voluma already has lidocaine, can my doc add more lidocaine to make cheek augmentation even... READ MORE

Can I use juvederm dermal filler?

I'm allergic to sulpha based antibiotics; is the lidocaine anesthetic in juvederm a sulpha based drug? Thanks. READ MORE

Breast feeding mom and Juvederm and Raddiasse?

Hi I had juvederm and raddiassse injected into my face and am wondering if this will harm my baby 10 months old I didn't know they use lidocaine in... READ MORE

This is a follow up question to the one I asked about adding more lido to juvederm

How much more lidocaine would be adiquit to add to the juvederm since it already has lido? Is it possible to add to much? And what would happen? READ MORE

Is the lidocaine in Juvaderm metabolized by the liver?

I had Hepatitis following mono back in 1982. Since then I experience occasional liver inflammation and an elevation in my liver function numbers. I... READ MORE

Does juvederm, botox and glycolic peels really work because I can't see as they have after spending over $5,000.00?

I have received Juvederm Ultra plus with Lidoc and juvedermvoluma and juvederm volbella with lidocaine since Nov. 2o15 and now was told I should have... READ MORE

Filler option that is lidocaine free for chin and cheeks? (photo)

I am 47. Have been getting juvederm for last five years. I had issues with numbing cream (lido 15/5), Namely got pounding slow heart feeling for hours... READ MORE

Juvederm plus lidocaine, no topical cream. History of seborrheic dermatitis & allergies to several meds. Allergy or dermatitis?

1st time juvederm in cheeks-bright red streaks lasted the night. Fine next day. 2nd time cheeks-bright red same day on one side, next day punch... READ MORE

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