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I'm a 70 yr old woman. Is that too old to be having juvederm injectIons?

Also I have recently been hospitalized for an inflamed colon and had to have some powerful intravenous antibiotics. Will that affect the outcome of... READ MORE

Do I have an infection? Should I take antibiotics and then have it removed? (photos)

I had 1 Serynge of juvederm injected in my lips and nasolabial folds 2 months ago . I had the normal sweeling no bruises , no pain . Everything looks... READ MORE

Can Juvederm Cause Deep, Intense Flammatory Response? (photo)

I had juvederm injected 4 yrs ago by a dermatologist. For the past 2 yrs now, I have very pruritic blisters around the corners of my mouth that are... READ MORE

Crohn's Disease, Juvederm & Inflammatory Response

I'm scheduled next week for my first treatment with Juvederm, I'm using Juvederm for my vertical lips lines, smile lines and possible folds.... READ MORE

Can necrosis happen after 6 weeks? Or other serious skin conditions I should look out for? (photos)

I had an inflammatory reaction on both cheeks to HA which subsided with antihistamines after 4 weeks. My ENT injector really hurt my left cheek when... READ MORE

How can a highly experienced doctor, former ENT surgeon, cause nerve damage using cannula to insert .5cc Juvederm? (Photo)

I have been diagnosed with facial neuralgia by a top Harley street nerve specialist. The pain is debilitating. 5 months ago, the Aesthetics doctor... READ MORE

Fluctuating inflammatory skin reaction to Juvederm 2 weeks after treatment.. What can I do? And why is this happening? (Photo)

I got 1cc of Juvederm in my cheeks. 2 weeks on, they both get red and hot in warm situations, mainly happens at night while I am in bed so I get up to... READ MORE

I had Juverderm with lidocaine in my nasiolabal lines, this appeared initially much redder and inflamed. Is this normal?

I had some Juverderm with lidocaine in my nasiolabal lines, this appeared initially much redder and inflamed looking than previous treatment with... READ MORE

Severe inflammatory response to Juvaderm ultra. (photos)

I had a severe juvaderm ultra inflammatory response in September 2015 to cheeks ( filler was done in July 2015) had to dissolving injections on the... READ MORE

Why Juvederm Voluma issues 4 weeks after treatment?

1. Dr struggled getting it in with cannula on left cheek, painful and uncomfortable. Dr said suffering from "deep skin trauma". It is still a little... READ MORE

Flu like symptoms after Juvederm? Could I be reacting to the bacteria used to produce Juvederm?

I got 1 syringe of juvederm injected into my cheeks and lips 10 days ago. At day 3 i started feeling very fluish; muscle aches, headache, fatigue,... READ MORE

Stinging sensation that feels like splinter in cheek after Juvederm treatment 8 weeks ago. Is this nerve damage & will it heal?

I got 1cc of Juvederm Voluma dermal filler 8 weeks ago in my cheeks. My ENT surgeon really struggled & hurt my left cheek during administration & this... READ MORE

What would you recommend for delayed inflammatory response to Juvederm? (photos)

I've been dealing with this for 3 months my PS says I'm fine cuz he's never seen such a thing. All the derm drs said they can't help..its causing all... READ MORE

Inflammation from filler. Have I developed scar tissue? (Photo)

I have had chronic inflammation from juva deem ultra for a year now it's settling some what still get swelling though it was injected in both cheeks... READ MORE

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