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Source of Juvederm?

Does the source of Juvederm come from live humans or dead humans? I understand that Juvederm is naturally occurring; and that injections of hyaluronic... READ MORE

Is there any other option than Hyaluronidase to immediately reverse botched Juverderm injections to the lip?

I've been reading feedback on this site on Hyaluronidase to reverse botched filler jobs. Now I am extremely concerned. My lips are disfigured, w/deep... READ MORE

Juvederm Removal with Hyaluronidase Injections?

Can the injection deplete natural collegen? READ MORE

Juvederm Voluma vs Sculptra

Since one of the physicians I have seen ( Sculptra lover ) scared the heck out of me by saying that another round of Juvederm Ultra plus is going to... READ MORE

Juv Ult Plus 14 days ago: Do I have a bruise, broken capillaries, skin stain from injection or tyndall? (Photo)

"Outlined" area shaped like apostrophe on left cheek. Slightly blueish/greyish in linear/circle pattern. At 2 of the injection sites. Got swollen... READ MORE

What to expect after hyaluronidase to reduce juvaderm in upper lip? Should I take a risk or wait for it to settle? (Photo)

It's been a week since I received my juvederm. I am getting hyaluronidase injected to my upper lip tomorrow due to the fact that my upper is bigger... READ MORE

Sinus problems & puffy cheeks! Did Juvederm cause this?

I've had Juvederm injected in both marionnett lines about 4 times over the last 7 years or so. It seems that my cheeks are puffy and swollen, like my... READ MORE

Can you get juvederm or any lip filler without the use of any lidocaine/numbing agent?

I have long QT syndrome so I am advised to stay away from lidocaine. There are no issues with hyaluronic acid though. I have extreme pain tolerance,... READ MORE

My Juvederm bump won't go away, its been 1 year! What can I do?

I had juvederm done 1 year ago, and when I got it done I noticed a bump on the bottom of my top lip which was affecting my smile in covering some of... READ MORE

I have had Juvederm Ultra, more filler was injected into the upper lip. I feel that it is asymmetrical. What should I do?(Photo)

Would you recommed getting some filler removed, is it possible to use hyaluronidase to remove some of the filler, or will it remove all of it? Also... READ MORE

Hyaluronidase nightmare. I was left with a huge dent under my right eye. Is this dent permanent?

I was injected with hyaluronidase to remove Juvederm in my tear troughs. The hyaluronidase left me with very deep hollows, a huge dent near my tear... READ MORE

How to dissolve Juvederm on lower face?

10 days ago so my dr used 2 syringes of juvederm to even out asymmetry left by fat grafting 4 months ago. result. he used too much. he used it almost... READ MORE

My Dr. Injected Radiesse when He Told Me & Charged Me for Juvederm. Normal Practice?

My dr. injected Radiesse when I specifically ask for Juvederm. He charged me for Juvederm and told me it was Juvederm but afterward I had a lupus... READ MORE

Hyaluronidase for lower cheek Tyndall effect after one year?

Heard from many doctors on this board that hyaluronidase is effective and, in right hands, safe for treating Tyndall. Many many thanks for the helpful... READ MORE

Should I Go Back to the Same Doctor Who Injected my Lips After Lumps? (photo)

I got Juvaderm injected into my lips 17 months ago. There are still lumps in them. Should I go back to the same doctor who injected them to get them... READ MORE

Can Juvederm or other HA fillers cause permenant damage to the vermilion border? (Photo)

I had my lips done a bit too much throughout 2014 and I noticed a bump above my top left lip at the corner. I had this dissolved then waited 3 months... READ MORE

Has Juvederm been injected too superficially? (Photo)

1 day ago. Necessary for hyaluronidase or wait for a few days? Like someone with knowledge. Thank you very much READ MORE

Can juvederm be used several weeks after emervel lip for top up?

I had 1ml of emervel lip a few weeks ago and feel I need perhaps another half syringe to top up. There is a recommended clinic much closer to where I... READ MORE

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