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Hardness Under Skin After Juvederm

I had Juvederm done on Friday for my nasolabial lines and marionette lines. I expected swelling (which I had, and is reducing) but didn't expect... READ MORE

Hard Pronounced Cheeks After Juvederm Voluma? (photo)

I had Juvederm Voluma in my cheeks today and I'm worried by the results. The area of my cheek that was sunken and I thought would be treated was the... READ MORE

Post-op: Is it normal to have lumps from Juvederm Voluma four days after getting the procedure?

Four days ago, I had Juvederm Voluma injected into the upper cheek area and also along the jawline. I also had regular Juvederm placed in the tear... READ MORE

Nodules from Juvederm Developed Under the Eyes

I had Juvederm injected into my tear throught area a week ago and everything went fine with little swelling and no bruising. Yesterday, i felt a hard... READ MORE

Vascular compromise after filler injection around nose? (photos)

I had juverdern ultra injection on my nose bridge and the area between two eyebrows. It has been a week, the bruising seems not disappear, plus a... READ MORE

I have a large hard lump in the middle of my top lip from Juvederm. Will it soften up over time? If so, how long? (photo)

I had a small scar on my top lip (almost in the middle) filled in with lip augmentation. After the procedure I was extremely bruised and swollen all... READ MORE

Is this cellulitis from juvederm? (Photo)

In may I had juvederm between my brows. .. an immediate lump but was told it was normal .fast forward to Oct 6th my forehead n large vein swelled and... READ MORE

Hard lump where the Juvederm was injected. Scar tissue?

I had juvederm injected 9 months ago in the nasolabial folds. however, it made them look worse: it looks like the juvederm was injected above the... READ MORE

Hard Bumps, Uneveness & Hard to Talk 1 Day Post Juvederm in Upper & Lower Lips?

I have had Juvederm injected into my lips to add volume a hand full of times but never experienced this much lumpiness, bumps, unevenness & just... READ MORE

Is it normal to have hard number lumps 3 days after Juvederm lip injection? (Photo)

I got 1 syringe of juvederm in my lips on Friday. This is my first time. Immediately after injection, i felt two hard lumps in my bottom lip. It is... READ MORE

Hard swollen lumps under eyes 6 months after Juvederm cheek filler

I had juvederm injected high in each cheek to plump out the wrinkles at the sides of my eyes 6 months ago. I had a bit of bruising at the time but... READ MORE

Hard lumps in lips 6 months after Juvederm filler.

I had 1ml juvederm done 6 months ago. Lumps formed immediately, massaged but some remained. 6 months later, one lump has gone and three large ones... READ MORE

Did Dr.'s poor technique injecting Juvederm result in the hard lumps?

Dr. injected Juvederm just above nasal folds instead of in the folds. Now I have rather large (hard) lumps on both sides of my face. During the... READ MORE

I had Juvederm injected in lower part of my nasal labial folds 2 weeks ago and I can feel the hard lumpy gel. What should I do?

...the swelling is gone, those wrinkles are minimized, but I can still feel the hard and somewhat lumpy gel under my skin, and two little pouches of... READ MORE

Will this go away? I literally just got Juvederm (Photo)

Will this go away? I literally just got Juvederm to fill in this crease from corner of my lip on down. Also on the other side but it feels fine. Is... READ MORE

I had my lips filled w/ Juvederm and now there is unevenness, hard, rock-like bumps that's throws off my lip symmetry. (photo)

I had my lips filled with Juvederm 5 days ago, & now there is unevenness, & hard, rock-like bumps that's throws off my lip symmetry. On my upper left... READ MORE

Weird Juvederm bump? Is this going to be permanent, or is it just excessive swelling? (Photo)

I had Juvederm injected in my tear troughs this past weekend. Today is day 4 post injection. I have some bruising which is normal, but there's a weird... READ MORE

Is it possible to fix botched lip injections from Juvederm? (photos)

I got my lips done 2 weeks ago almost (on 11/17) with some type of juvederm. The swellings subsided except in the early morning, but my lips are... READ MORE

I just went to get my lips slightly augmented and I was injected with Juvederm Ultra Plus XC and now my lips are hard. (Photo)

Hello. I just went to get my lips slightly augmented, on the right side because of asymmetry, and the RN injected me with Juvederm Ultra Plus Xc. I've... READ MORE

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