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I got Juvederm injections and I now have lumps on my top lip. Is this normal? (photos)

I got juvederm injections for the first time done 7/16 and it is now 7/20. My top lip is so uneven and I don't know what to do. Online it says to give... READ MORE

Will my lips go back to their normal shape and fullness after I get Juvederm?

I want to get them fuller but I also like my natural lips. If they don't go back to normal then I won't get them done. READ MORE

2 Weeks Post-op: Why is Juvederm not showing fullness on my lips? (Photo)

I got a full syringe of juvederm injected 2 weeks ago. After 5 hours I was left with no results. I called my RN and she told me to wait 2 weeks that I... READ MORE

Lip injections with braces, do they maintain the same shape and fullness after braces come off?

I've read getting juvaderm lip injections while having braces is okay but say if you do get the injections and have the braces taken off, will you're... READ MORE

I had Juvederm injected in nasal labaloids 12 days ago along with my lip lines. I have had a constant pressure, pain and burning

This feeling of fullness and pressure with tingling and slight pain in the NL area has not subsided. I have some strange sensations in the lip line... READ MORE

Would juvederm help with the lines under my eyes?

I really am considering juvederm under under my eyes I have dark circles and some lines...Is this a good idea for me ? I am 23 I also want some in my... READ MORE

Could I get away with doing half a syringe of Juvederm? (Photos)

I want a little more pout to my lips, my lips are already nice but I kind of want more fullness in my upper lip. How many CCs would any expert suggest... READ MORE

Can I move/spread out my lip filler?

I had 0.55 of juvederm yesterday and today I can feel most of the filler collecting at the sides/corners of my top lip. Is it a good idea for me to... READ MORE

Can juvaderm provide permanent fullness to nose through collagen production?

Hi, if I get repeat injections of juvaderm for years in my nose to add slight augmentation/fullness, is there a chance that juvaderm can create enough... READ MORE

I got Juvederm in my upper cheeks for fullness. Approximately 2 months later, a bump showed up under my eye (Photo)

The bump feels round under the skin and showed up quickly. At first it was the morning it's very noticeable due to swelling. Can this be... READ MORE

Juvederm help (Photos)

Here are photos before I ever had anything done. Then here are the photos of my most recent (3 week ago) Juvederm. My smile had a bit of crookedness... READ MORE

One syringe of Juvaderm and notice a line/shadow under my lips: it's like a fullness under my lips on each side. (photo)

Maybe he put too much and the product is under my natural lip line as well. I went back on Friday five days after my injection and he said I had some... READ MORE

How long did post Juvederm lip fillers bruising last? (photos)

Lip fillers done with Juvederm yesterday for first time by my meticulous plastic surgeon... well I'm in love with the fullness but bruised terribly!!... READ MORE

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