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I had a juviderm injection about a week ago and now there is one fluid like bage above each of my cheek bone. (photo)

I had a juviderm injection about a week ago and now there is one fluid like bage above each of my cheek bone. I am adding my pre and post photos so... READ MORE

Treating Stubborn Juvederm and Fluid Bags in Lower Eyelids?

I had deeply injected Juvederm 10 months ago for lower lid hollowness. An overfill occurred, giving me bags and distorted lids. Several rounds of... READ MORE

Clear fluid filled blisters on my upper lip. Any suggestions? (photos)

One month ago I had juvedurm filler inmy lips and everything went perfect. After that I felt small bumps in the inner part of my upper lip. They were... READ MORE

Can a Fluid Pocket Under the Eye from a Juvederm Injection Be Corrected?

I had injections done under my eyes a little less than two weeks ago. The healing was going well then one week ago today I had additional puffiness... READ MORE

Can an Oxygen Facial Affect Fluid Retention 2 Weeks After Juvederm?

I had Juvederm injected about 2 1/2 weeks ago by an established and certified doctor and things were looking great until yesterday. I noticed more... READ MORE

Can Juvederm Ultra Plus result in encapsulation of product or fluid under the eyes after 2 years? (Photo)

I had Juvederm Ultra Plus injected under eyes on 10/15/2013. I have recently developed pockets of fluid under my eyes. Docs are saying allergies but I... READ MORE

Is it normal to have clear fluid pockets on the inside of lip months after Juvederm? (photo)

It's been over 8 months at least since I've had juvaderm ( just a thin line in top of upper lip and I have always had these little clear pockets of... READ MORE

I Had Juvederm and Hyaluronidase and Still Suffering from Fluid Retention?

June 2011 I had juvederm. Nurse injected mostly above my lip so when it settled I had a long puffy philtrum. I think the weight of the product is... READ MORE

I bruised badly after Juvederm injections in the tear troughs and still have a fluid "bubble" under my left eye after 4 months.

The injections were deep (to the cheek bones). My doc knew I was on blood thinners and the bruises were awful. This fluid raised up under the left eye... READ MORE

Will ultrasound show the difference between juvederm and fluid, and will it break down the juvederm?

Hello, I have 2 questions re: Juvederm and Ultrasound. Q1. I had Juvederm Voluma injected into my upper right cheek (at least 2 mls) and noticed it... READ MORE

Had Juvederm/Restylane, not too happy. Uneven, swollen, fluid-like. Do I do hyaluronidase or wait it out with warm compresses?

Had juvaderm ultra done almost 4 weeks ago, went back 1 day after they didnt like the way it looked so she added a little more filler. The next week... READ MORE

Why is it that some doctors seem to prefer Juvederm over Restylane for the periorbital area?

I loved the look of the juvederm at first when it was injected in the tear trough, but over time, as it seemed to wear off, I'd notice pockets of... READ MORE

I need help on this Juvederm injection site. Is it going to scar? (Photo)

I got juviderm in my smile lines on Friday small bruise on Saturday by Sunday night little white pus pockets that almost look like tiny white heads... READ MORE

I have a solid and movable lump, Dr. suspected fillers. Can Juvederm ultra plus migrate from lips to the cheek?

Ultra sound says either tumor or enlarged lymph node. Firstly, can tumors in the face move? My lump started in the middle of my cheek 11 mnths... READ MORE

I had filler injected under eyes and should last a year (Photo)

I had emergency surgery a week later and was pumped with fluids, I have puffiness under one eye that has not gone away, will it ?is this normal? its... READ MORE

Juvederm reversal w hylenex now I have a sack under my eye, what do I do? (Photo)

I had juverderm reversed bc after the injection about two weeks after - my eyes looks lumpy. Over the course of three weeks I had it reversed and now... READ MORE

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