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How Do I Get Rid of the Bluish Tint That Juvederm Left Under my Eyes?

I was injected with so much Juvederm under my eyes that I could barely see out of my left eye. I got 5 hyaluronidase treatments and have been left... READ MORE

How is Juvederm Used on Under Eye Bags?

I have bags under my eyes, mostly hereditary, and want to try Juvederm to reduce their appearance. Is this typically done by smoothing out and... READ MORE

How Many Vials of Juvederm Are Typically Used for Both Eyes (lower Eye Bags)?

How many vials of Juvederm are typically used for the lower left and right eyes(bags under eye), to achieve a nice natural look, but with noticeable... READ MORE

What to Do with Bluish Tint and Puffy Bags Below Eyes After Juvederm?

I had Juvederm and botox injection 4 weeks ago and I'm still suffering from a bluish tint under the eyes. The bags ARE HUGE now and I look like a... READ MORE

Juvederm Injection Left Pillows and Indents - What Should I Do?

Juvaderm injected under orbital rim three weeks ago. I have pillow like lumps under the orbital rim with very evident indents ( not shadows) under the... READ MORE

How Long Should I Wait to Correct Bad Juvederm Results?

I have new bags under both eyes after getting Juvederm 14 days ago. I want to know if these would go away soon on their own or if there is something I... READ MORE

How to Find the Best Doctor in Chicago for Juvederm for Eye Bags?

I am thinking about trying juvederm (either in the cheek or tear troughs) for my eye bags. They really bother me, but surgery is really out of the... READ MORE

Would Juvederm Help My Dark and Puffy "Bags"?

Hi there, Wondering if Juvederm would be best to go for, I would like my under eye area less "baggy" as it is dark and puffy and ages me. If... READ MORE

15 Months After Injections Juvederm Experiencing Swelling and Bags, Dark Circles, Etc.? (photo)

8months since my last email sent to you requesting your help. Now 15 months after juviderm injections in cheeks , i am still facing the same problem.... READ MORE

Juvaderm Too Close to the Eye Formed Bag

Formed bag under the eye, went to plastic surgeon to talk about eye lid surgery, he said I had to wait until the jervederm left, he would not to the... READ MORE

Juvederm in both cheeks about a week ago and I had these fluid like bags above my lateral cheeks from the day after. (Photo)

I had a juviderm injection in both cheeks about a week ago and i had these fluid like bags above my lateral cheeks from the day after. I am adding my... READ MORE

Can Puffy Eye Bags After Juvederm Be Safely Reversed?

I had the hollows of my eyes injected with Juvederm. I'm only 35, but thought it would make me look younger as the doctor recommended it. Now I have... READ MORE

Can Juvederm migrate to another area months after the procedure?

7 months ago I had Juverderm injected in my cheeks to remove the appearance of hollow eyes. On the same day i had volbella in my lips.Results were... READ MORE

How Many Juvederm Eye Lift Treatments Are Generally Done?

How long is it in between treatments for a juvederm eye lift? READ MORE

Tear Trough Disaster? (photo)

4 days ago had filler in my tear troughs. One is fine but my right eye has swollen - yellow discolouration of the skin (immediate) and puffy like a... READ MORE

Juvederm Injections 1 Year Ago Caused Eye Bags

I had juvederm injected 1 year ago sept 9th to be exact. I developed under eye bags since the injection into the nasolabial labial folds .I went... READ MORE

Is juvederm what I need for genetic under eye bags? What is the recovery time and how much is it? (photo)

I am at 23 year old female with under eye bags that I've had for years. Everyone is always asking me if I am tired. I know my bags are genetic, plus I... READ MORE

Juvederm for Under Eye Bags?

Can I use Juvederm for puffy bags under my eyes? READ MORE

Juvederm Bag Under Eye Since a Year?

Hello! I had juviderm injections done exactly one year a go under my eyes, the doctor made a very bad job and one of my lower lids has a bag since... READ MORE

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