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What Do I Do About Extreme Swelling in Lips After Juvederm Ultra?

On Monday afternoon I had 0.8ml of Juvederm Ultra injected into my lips. Later that afternoon and into the night, I massaged and fiddle with them so... READ MORE

I Had my Lips Filled with Juvederm 3 Days Ago, I Ended Up with Massive Bruising- Should I Worry? (photo)

I had my lips filled with juvederm 3 days ago , i ended up with Massive bruising , which have cleared up a little. Im in so much pain i cant even... READ MORE

Extreme Swelling After Juvederm- Is This Normal? I'm Very Worried. (photo)

Extremely swelling after Juverderm injection, it has happened over night , I got the right side of my upper lip swollen up . is this normal ? can the... READ MORE

Upper Lip Extremely Swollen on One Side 27 Hours After Juvederm Lip Injections. Normal? (photo)

I have been icing. I did have this treatment about 18 months ago and the Dr. thinks some filler was left over from first time, but not much. I do... READ MORE

Causes of Extreme Swelling Post-Juvederm? I've had It Several Times With No Problem.

I've been using the same injector for years with wonderful results. About a week ago, I went in for my usual touchup, which had given me... READ MORE

Lump in Juvederm? It's extremely uneven and I'm so worried that too much was injected. (photo)

I just had my first injection about 8 hours ago. I'm absolutely expecting some swelling and a little lumpiness but I wasn't advised it would be this... READ MORE

Why has Juvederm made my skin loose and face droopy and hollow?

I had a sudden weight gain/edema in my face so I asked a doctor why my cheeks are so big d he recommended juvederm (didn't need volume) saying is... READ MORE

Extreme bruising after Juvederm in lips and nasal folds. (Photos)

I received Juvederm in my lips and nasal folds. I bruised pretty quickly after and the next day I look like this. I also have a couple of bumps in my... READ MORE

Does this look normal after .6ml of Juvederm in the top lip and .2ml in the bottom? (photos)

How much of this is swelling? So I got a vial of jevederm injected into my lips yesterday! I have been very apprehensive to do this as I have heard... READ MORE

Is my extreme level of lip and above lip swelling normal/ok after 1 syringe of Juvederm Ultra? (photo)

Hi, I got 1 syringe of juvederm ultra yesterday. Immediately after and for the first hour or so I was loving my lips. They were slightly swollen with... READ MORE

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